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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Cowboy in Me

So, its been a month since I last posted… I want to do more detailed posts later, but this is just my little check in since this has been way too long.  I should be sleeping but I guess I have a little extra adrenaline right now.

First of all. we are in Midland. I love it. Its so nice, even if it is remote and in the desert.  You don’t feel like you are in the desert. It just seems a like a little Texas town – scratch that – mini-city and I love Texas towns and cities.

Isla is having a hard time with the transition. Please pray for her.

Nick came home from his first day of work, second day in the city and announced that he had to leave that Sunday for training in Denver for two weeks.  I miss him, but I am having moments where I want to kill him for abandoning me. Please pray for him.

I am alone in a new city in a new house without a refrigerator trying to set up and take care of so many things with my two small babies. Please pray for me.


We are going to like Midland though. We have already been to the library and spent many days at the pool.  And I have a play date this Friday already! Gemma’s room is painted and Isla’s room is mostly painted except for a part that I need to hire a professional painter to do.

I have met so many people here with special needs and/or ties to the special needs community.  The resources and community are phenomenal for such a small town! I know that I will learn so much and I love being a place where people value what God values. I don’t know what my mission field will be here in the Bible Belt, but hopefully there is SOME work to be done that isn’t already being done!

Also, I told Nick that I don’t feel quite Texan enough to live here, is there any cowboy in me?  I’m getting some culture shock even though people are so nice… I have already met quite a few “characters”.

Did I mention I miss Nick?

Oh and my mama’s coming to visit Saturday, hooray!


  1. My good friend from high school/college and her husband live there. He is the youth minister and she is the mothers day out director at Cornerstone church - http://www.cornerstonemidland.com/. Y'all should totally check it out!

  2. So sad I didn't get to connect with y'all in Midland. Greg got promoted and we moved within a week! So glad your already meeting people...Midland has the nicest most generous people. Blessings!


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