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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Midland Summer Plans

  • I will NOT wear makeup during the week days.  Won’t do it.  Its summer in Texas.  It will be hotter than hades. There is simply no point.
  • I hope to paint Isla’s room, Gemma’s room, the sink niche in the guest room, and the master bedroom.
  • I want to go to the library.  A LOT.  Oh I cannot wait to be near a library with a lot of English books! Books, books, books, books, books!!!!!
  • We will be hanging out by the pool almost every morning.
  • We will take at least one mini road trip to a West Texas destination, I’m thinking Balmorhea State Park...
  • We will start working on reducing coca cola consumption to 1x per week, chocolate and/or sweets to 1x per day, and focus on eating light-to-heavy during the day and get meat dishes down to 3x per week.  This will happen gradually…
  • I want to figure out swim lessons for the girls and get them enrolled.
  • I want to start connecting to the Reece’s Rainbow community in Midland to figure how I can help and get involved – there have been FOUR adoptions through RR Smile; I actually met my first RR former orphan during our house hunting trip – it was amazing!!!!  I am also hoping to get Isla involved too. She would be the cutest little advocate.
  • I can’t wait to hang out with Nick and mines parents!
  • I can’t wait to have my nephew come and visit!  We are going to have fun.
  • I want to focus on reading more for pleasure, and not just parenting/religious books… although I do get pleasure out of those, I guess what I really mean is return to my first love – fiction.
  • Get the reading niche in the great room figured out.
  • Get Isla’s reading tower updated and the stairs and railings repaired and up to code.
  • Focus on cutting down all TV viewing, but especially Isla’s.  Preferably get it down to not at all for her other than family movie night, but we will see…
  • Oh and start a family movie night!

My summer officially begins in 11 days when we close on our new house… I am so excited!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some Miscellaneous Moving Fluff

Oh moving.  It is so stressful and sad.  We are spending a lot of time with friends that we love and will miss, and trying to get everything ready for the movers.  As of now, we leave at the end of June and close on our house on July 1st!

In the midst of all the terrible moving stuff, I am getting so excited about the house.  Getting to “play house” and get a new home all set up is the best part of any move.  Not too long ago the thought of moving into a bigger house was kind of overwhelming.  My best friend was looking at houses this spring and they were looking at a 3700 square foot house.  I remember asking her if she didn’t get overwhelmed at the thought of 1) furnishing a house that size and 2) cleaning a house that size (oy vey!).  To put things in my perspective – I have lived in a 2 bedroom/1 bath furnished apartment the past 2+ years and have had a maid who comes 2x a week, so to me, that sounded like more stress than fun!  Now that we are getting a home, I am starting to see the fun, even though we are moving up in square footage and I will not be getting a housekeeper in Midland.

Although our house is nowhere near 3700 square feet, it is still larger than our house in Madisonville.  We are gaining an extra bedroom, our flex/office/bonus room is much larger, and we are getting a third garage spot.  In an effort to conquer my stress over furnishing and cleaning a larger home, I turned to Pinterest (finally!) and I am beginning to understand everyone’s obsession.  I have also discovered websites like Joss and Main and One King’s Lane that have really good deals on furniture.  Its not that I am buying that much furniture, but I have been perusing those websites daily to find deals.

I am also so excited about having a guest room!  I don’t particularly want rooms in a house that aren’t used every. single. day…  except for a guest room.  We move so much and I like having a room for beloved friends that will keep them comfortable for as long we can get them to stay… and encourage them to stay longer.  I think I will definitely have my kids share a room as our family grows and with every move, just to keep an extra room for visitors.

One of my goals is to put a reading corner in every room – master bedroom, Gemma’s room, Isla’s room, the guest bedroom, the great room and the flex room (only the laundry room will be left out)!  That means a chair and a bookcase and some form of seating for all of those rooms.  That is going to take a while to get everything.  I certainly don’t have to do everything right away, but I hope that I can make it happen before Christmas.

We are getting a new sofa for our great room, which is our kitchen, living and dining area combined.  I love that we will not have a formal dining room, which would be completely wasted space in our house.  Right now we are planning on making the flex room into a Parent’s room, not a playroom (more on that later).  This is the great room, kitchen off to the left of the dining area; the picture is terrible, but it’s a very large room.  I don’t really like the fireplace, but I do love hill country limestone.  I think painting the two side walls will make the fireplace standout and not look so bleh.  I don’t really want to paint the entire room and adjoining areas since right now we do not think we will be in Midland for more than two years and the color works.

Great Room 2

This is my palette inspiration for the great room.  I love pink, and although I would never do a room in all pink, I love any color scheme that allows me to incorporate some pink.  I love the turquoise and it goes perfectly with my old dining room table, which I always thought needed a little yellow to go with it!

Inspiration Room

My old dining room table.

Dining Room Set

We are going to order a white slipcovered sofa, which from my research is actually a great option with kids since you can bleach it if it gets stained.  I have a couple of goals for the room, and a top priority is that everything must be kid friendly since its going to be the main play area.  That means the furniture must be washable and/or able to be destroyed without fretting over the cost.  I always encourage my girls to take care of their things, but hey, stuff happens with small kids, and I don’t want to fret over it.  Here are  few things that I have picked up.  I love them and I can’t wait to get them in the room.  The rug was soooo cheap!!!! and its BIG.

Bless Your Heart Pillowmita trellis rug BNature Study Pillowyou are my sunshine

I want to wait to see what I have so far, plus the couch, in the room before I make any more decisions, but I have been looking around at a few other things. I want it to be a fully integrated kids’ play area without us feeling overwhelmed by all of the toy/kid things.  I am still looking at toy storage, seating for the reading corner and bookcases for the reading corner.  I am loving The Land of Nod; they have so many fun kid furniture pieces.  However most things are prohibitively expensive, so I will enlist Nick to help me recreate them because I cannot and will not pay most of those prices.  

As of right now, I think the Compartment Department Bookcase is so cool and would be great for toy and book storage.  Its also $700, which is nonsense.  However I found a blueprint online so that Nick can make it for around $100.  Its so handy to have a handy husband. And to motivate him to make it, all I have to do is tell him that I am going to buy the $700 one… just kidding.  I am not that cruel and I doubt he’ll need much motivation to do wood working.


For the reading corner in the great room, I was originally thinking bean bag chairs, but I have been seeing “poufs” everywhere and I think that they would be so cute, and I love this book caddy in white or aqua… I don’t know, I also have my magazine rack that is in Isla’s room right now that would be very cute hanging low on the wall and a little more keeping with the French country theme.



What about a play and activity table with toy storage for a coffee table? This is another one Nick will have to build and that I want to better understand our needs and the needs of the room before I get. This one is super cool though.  It has a roller for paper, and toy storage underneath.  There is also another one on Land of Nod that has little book cases on the side.

activity-table-complete-set-white (1)

Now these, I love, and they are most certainly going to be used in the great room as toy storage.  I am going to order them once we get a little bit closer to closing.

charming-baskets-snakes-not-included (1)charming-baskets-snakes-not-included

Anyway, this is just the little bit of the fun that I have been having in the midst of a sad, stressful time.  The last time we moved, I fretted so much over what our apartment would look like.  God was so gracious to me, and every single decision I made, from the well thought through ones to the last minute and/or out of character ones worked out perfectly, even though I have absolutely no eye for design.  I am not going to worry about it one bit.  God takes care of the details, no matter how small, I just have to focus on him.

And as for the cleaning of our larger home!  Oh my, oh my. Thank you Pinterest and tidy friends.  Nick and I have sat down and prioritized and categorized all cleaning items,  from which things are the entire family’s responsibility to the ones that are only my responsibility. Right now I spend so much time picking up after everyone else that its hard to get to the actual cleaning, that’s something that we really need to work on as a family.  We also made a spread sheet and broke down everything into daily chores.  I got the idea from a friend’s blog to make it into a weekly checklist that goes on the fridge so that everyone can easily see what has or hasn’t been done.  I will finish the checklist later and also work on a plan for monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual chores/cleaning items.  It actually makes cleaning kind of fun Smile; spreadsheets can make anything fun!

Chore List

So that’s just a little bit of what I have been doing in my spare time.  This move is going to be wonderful.  I am taking time to fully appreciate each moment.  The sadness of saying good bye to dear ones, and the excitement of new beginnings!  Above all else, I know God will continue to guide us, and I am so thankful that we can trust in Him and His goodness.  Abundant joy is waiting for us in Midland!

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