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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Greetings from Paris!

Just kidding!  We are in Moscow, and its 2:30 in the morning.

First there was all of my thyroid issues and I needed to be in the states for those, and then we found out a few weeks ago that if we were going to fit in a house hunting trip to Midland, then we needed to do it before we returned to Russia so we made the decision to cancel Paris.  I have always wanted to see Paris (and the trip I took with my family when I was five doesn’t count!), but we made right decision.  Maybe sometime in the future!

After my thyroid biopsy last week, we immediately got in the car and drove up to Midland with an overnight stop at Nick’s parents in Temple.  It was a beautiful drive through the hill country, and I thoroughly enjoyed it… when I wasn’t glued to the Zillow app on my iPhone that is! I love Texas.

So, I knew the Midland house market was hot right now… what I didn’t realize was just how hot!  I thought that most houses were on the market for a few weeks and then gone.  NO.  Think California in the early 2000s!  Houses are coming on the market and gone in a day.  Tuesday my realtor sent me a list of available homes.  Wednesday I sent her a list of what I wanted to see.  Thursday morning when we actually went to go an look houses half of them were already under contract! One contender house we looked at at1 PM was gone by the time we drove by it again at 7 PM.  I kid you not, but half of the four bedrooms we looked at were not true four bedrooms.  They were trying to pass off closetless or doorless rooms as the fourth bedroom.

When we got into Midland we went and drove around the neighborhoods of the houses I really liked and I LOVED them, one house and neighborhood in particular. Of course that house was gone by Thursday after having been on the market a whopping two days.  Wednesday night I went to sleep with a smile on my lips, by Thursday night I was up tossing and turning over the houses we were finding and I just couldn’t sleep trying to decide whether or not to expand our budget, which meant a mortgage (sigh) or just wait, which had the potential to be very costly since the rental market is just as hot.  We could have rented a place to the tune of $3k a month if we wanted to, but we wanted to avoid that if possible.

Thursday night a house came on the market that looked pretty good so we scheduled to go and see at noon on Friday.  I loved it!  It had a pool, was close to a park, and I loved the way it had been renovated – Spanish/Southwest style with a lot of Saltillo tile and bright colors.  We really wanted to buy a renovated older home since newer homes are super high per square foot.  Nick forbade me from buying anything I would want to make changes to since it doesn’t make sense for us financially should the Midland market bubble burst.

Anyway, after seeing the house we decided to put an offer in on it, only to learn that there were TWO other CASH offers!  We decided to put in $7500 over asking pricing, since even with that we felt we were getting a good deal compared to what we had been seeing… guess what?  We didn’t get the house!  Can  you imagine putting your house on the market and have THREE good offers, all over asking and two of them cash all within the first day?  I would love to be in that position one day.  I never thought I would offer over asking on a house, let alone not get that house!

Anyway, we went back to our second and third options, and after comparing cost per square foot, it made the most sense for us to go with our second option.  I absolutely love it and I love the neighborhood, and there are so many young kids on our street.  It was just more than I wanted to spend, although still not a budget buster. I guess being mortgage free will just have to wait until another city… :/. We still haven’t closed on it, so something could fall through, but for now, this should be our future home! We close when we repatriate. Nick told me not to jinx us, so I had to add the disclaimer Smile. I do not want to house hunt in that market again.

I really should have known that this was supposed to be our home when we drove up and saw this on our curb…

photo (13)

Methinks it was meant to be! I had seen a lot of house numbers with Texas Tech on them, and one UT, but this was the one and only I saw with Texas A&M.

Anyway, I present to you our new home in Midland!  I stole the pictures from the listing.  Random note, all of the homes in Midland have alleyway access… isn’t that weird?  I like it thought because it means no cars on the street!

Midland House

We have a fourth bedroom so we’re hoping for lots of visitors!!!  I will post pictures of the interior as we get them ready and set up.

The best part is the neighborhood.  It has a pool, splash pad (the only one in Midland as far as I can tell), a park with a big walking trail, and two ponds with a stream that connects them.  You can fish in the pond, feed the koi fish and also the ducks!  I had hoped to be near a duck pond, so this is just so delightful.  Isla is going to have a blast!


I am really looking forward to getting in and getting settled!  But first, Russia and the good bye and packing parts of the move.  I hate those parts, especially the good buy part Sad smile.


  1. Gorgeous! Looks like a great place to live. If you had to take out a mortgage, this is a good time with rates being so low. I'm sorry you missed Paris, though. It is an amazing experience. Someday, I am sure!

  2. Excited about your house! It looks great! man, I wish I hd a house to sell in Midland . . . I hope those sellers know they are in an unusal market. crazy.

  3. Meg, its a great house! I can't wait to show the inside. And mortgage rates are limbo low. 2.25 on a 15 year is what we were quoted, awesome.

    Melissa, I never dreamed that I would be moving into a market like this. I am just praying that it stays the same or increases! I wouldn't mind making a few dollars on a home, but I feel sorry for all of the people coming in after me. Staying the same would be nice.


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