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Monday, May 27, 2013

3 Months of Gemma!

Our baby turned 3 months old two days ago!  Gemma is our little treasure and makes our days so happy.  This has been a really easy transition from one to two.  I always thought that this would be the most difficult one for me, but so far its been so easy.  It helps that Isla LOVES her baby sister and is so sweet with her, and Gemma is a sweetheart, plus I had a lot of help in the early days.  Now that we are back in Russia, we are finding our groove without all of the extra hands and I thinks its going well.

Gemma is our little Kook-la (baby doll in Russian).  She is such a good baby.  She went from being a scrawny, slightly fussy little thing to a plump, content little baby.  She is already losing that newborn look, and those sweet little newborn faces and stretches.  It makes me sad because I love that newborn phase, but the little baby she is becoming is even sweeter!  She almost never cries (except in church of course, little heathen), and smiles so sweet.


She started really finding her hands a couple of days ago and today she found her thumb!  I don’t know if I will encourage thumb sucking with her as much as I did with Isla, but we’ll see.  Mainly I don’t swaddle her, but put her in a Woombie (second favorite baby item), and with the swaddle I can just leave her arms out, but I can’t with the Woombie. Its working well right now so I see no need to change things up.

photo (3)

We love to stick out our tongues at her and she will try to do the same back.  Sometimes she can coordinate, but she will always at least move it around and smile back.  She thinks it great fun!  Nick loves to practice laughing with her.  He will hold her and fake laugh, and she fake laughs (smiles and wiggles) back at him.

Gemma is so unlike Isla at this age in that she does not seem to be in any hurry to roll or be on the go!  Fine with me.  She only just started rolling onto her side the past weekend.  She is doing a mean cobra pose during tummy time, but now hates tummy time and cries after about 30 seconds.

Nursing is going great!  I absolutely love it, and she doesn’t seem to mind it either.  I hope to nurse her exclusively for 6 months and continue up until two or earlier if she wants to.  I’m in no hurry to stop.  I also love my “Hooter Hider” (third favorite baby item)!  They started making them much bigger than when Isla was a baby.


Gemma is sleeping through the night, and has been consistently since 6 weeks!!!! 12 hours with a dream feed and about 11 without a dream feed. I loves me some Baby Wise.  I think it also help that we keep her super snuggled for sleeping.  I use a Snuggin Go inside a Nap Nanny (most favorite baby item) and then she’s swaddled in her Woombie and then I put a blanket over her bottom half.  It would be hard not to sleep in that set up.  We did finally turn the crib back into a crib from a toddler bed and moved it into our room this past weekend so I am going to start putting her there for the occasional nap.  Isla was already rolling at this point so she was out of her Nap Nanny, but I think Gemma will be in it for at least a few more months.

She is so funny at bath time.  I can tell she doesn’t love it, but at least she doesn’t scream anymore.  She gets all nervous and fidgety and tense.

Also, WHAT A TALKER!!! Nick and Isla and I love our little conversations with her. 

Isla continues to love Gemma.  I know it’s a BIG transition for her, but she has handled it so well.  The most “acting out” that I ever see is sometimes she will ask me to put Gemma down or stop “milking” Gemma or put Gemma down and hold a certain stuffed animal.  That’s it.  Other than that she seems to really love Gemma.  She loves to hold her and hug her and never acts aggressive towards her, even though sometimes she’s a little rough in her love.  She loves to introduce her baby sister to new people and always makes sure that Gemma is coming with us when we go somewhere.



One other random thing, I “wear” Gemma a lot.  I love it and appreciate having extra hands for Isla while also getting to cuddle Gemma at the same time.  Otherwise she would not get nearly the physical affection that Isla did when she was a baby.

photo (2)All in all, we love being a family of four!  We are having a blast.  I feel so bad for my little first born guinea pig, Isla.  I absolutely loved having her as a baby too, but in hind sight, I was so overwhelmed and had no idea what I was doing.  I love getting to do this all over again with more experience and patience, and having Isla with me to keep me laughing and to love on Gemma with me makes life so sweet.

*** I thought that I had more pictures, but I think that they must be on Nick’s phone!!! I will try to update this later with more close ups of our precious Gemma.

Ah ha! Found them.  Here are some more pictures of our cutie pie!

This is during one of our conversations in the car Smile.


Chatting with Daddy.


Try NOT to fall in love with that face!



First flight – she was an angel.  She only squeaked for about two minutes one time.  The babuska sitting next to me was ready to jump in and bundle her up like a starfish!  She kept commenting on the draft (there was no draft or air flow anywhere near Gemma) and asking me if Gemma was cold.  My thought are – if Gemma’s unhappy, she’ll tell me about it.  As it was, she was perfect and slept, cooed, pooed and ate!


Meeting some people – I need to get more pictures of her being held by people.

This is my friend Anastacia, she has a little girl named Zooey and her husband works with Nick.


This our company Doctor – she has been a HUGE help to our family this past year; she has gone above and beyond to help us out.


Our little cutie patootie!



  1. Gemma is adorable!! Her smile is a heart-melter!! And, Isla looks so grown up! What a proud and beautiful big sister! I'm glad the transition is going well!!

  2. Sweet beautiful girls!!! Love this post! You are so cute and the girls are just adorable!

  3. Thanks you guys! This is a really happy time :).

  4. She looks so much like you! Those eyes when she smiles and the dimples! So cute. I am so glad that everything is going well.

    Two questions: What is she lying in on the plane? And what sling are you carrying her in?

  5. she is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful little baby . . . gemma may be different from isla in terms of personality, oh but you do have gorgeous little babies! It makes me smile to know what a happy season you are in.

  6. Meg - she is lying in a bassinet. I never noticed them before I flew with Isla, but most planes have them in the bulkhead section so that you have a place to put your baby down. They attach to the wall. On some airlines, those front rows are exclusively reserved for people flying with children under 2 and you can get out the bassinet at any time. As for the sling, I use a Maya Wrap. It was a gift and its great. I had it with Isla but for some reason with her I preferred the Bjorn. I think I prefer the Maya Wrap now. Its so versatile and very comfortable. It has a little pocket to store things like pacifiers and keys. I haven't done much research on slings to compare them to other slings, but I would recommend this one anybody.

    Melissa - thank you :). I am a little biased, but I do think my girls are so cute.

  7. Oh my goodness you make such cute babies! Gemma and Isla are gorgeous! I am so happy for you and your family. :)


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