"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps."

Friday, May 31, 2013

Not Forgotten

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a few months now, but life has gotten in the way and when I sit down the right words don’t really come.  My heart is just broken for the Russian orphans right now.  Please keep my babies in your prayers.  Please prayer that mothers of special needs children in Russia would keep them, love them, and cherish them for the people that God meant them to be – people created for His glory and His purpose. Please pray that the church in Russia would rise up and care for the least of these.

John 9:1-3

As [Jesus] went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

And while you are at it, please pray for a precious little former orphan with a million dollar smile and dimples, Aaron Nalle.  He recently went through a series of surgeries, many were successful, the one on his knee was not.  Then he broke his arm a few days ago!  He had to go through even MORE surgeries, you can read about it HERE.  Please continue to pray for his healing!

Monday, May 27, 2013

3 Months of Gemma!

Our baby turned 3 months old two days ago!  Gemma is our little treasure and makes our days so happy.  This has been a really easy transition from one to two.  I always thought that this would be the most difficult one for me, but so far its been so easy.  It helps that Isla LOVES her baby sister and is so sweet with her, and Gemma is a sweetheart, plus I had a lot of help in the early days.  Now that we are back in Russia, we are finding our groove without all of the extra hands and I thinks its going well.

Gemma is our little Kook-la (baby doll in Russian).  She is such a good baby.  She went from being a scrawny, slightly fussy little thing to a plump, content little baby.  She is already losing that newborn look, and those sweet little newborn faces and stretches.  It makes me sad because I love that newborn phase, but the little baby she is becoming is even sweeter!  She almost never cries (except in church of course, little heathen), and smiles so sweet.


She started really finding her hands a couple of days ago and today she found her thumb!  I don’t know if I will encourage thumb sucking with her as much as I did with Isla, but we’ll see.  Mainly I don’t swaddle her, but put her in a Woombie (second favorite baby item), and with the swaddle I can just leave her arms out, but I can’t with the Woombie. Its working well right now so I see no need to change things up.

photo (3)

We love to stick out our tongues at her and she will try to do the same back.  Sometimes she can coordinate, but she will always at least move it around and smile back.  She thinks it great fun!  Nick loves to practice laughing with her.  He will hold her and fake laugh, and she fake laughs (smiles and wiggles) back at him.

Gemma is so unlike Isla at this age in that she does not seem to be in any hurry to roll or be on the go!  Fine with me.  She only just started rolling onto her side the past weekend.  She is doing a mean cobra pose during tummy time, but now hates tummy time and cries after about 30 seconds.

Nursing is going great!  I absolutely love it, and she doesn’t seem to mind it either.  I hope to nurse her exclusively for 6 months and continue up until two or earlier if she wants to.  I’m in no hurry to stop.  I also love my “Hooter Hider” (third favorite baby item)!  They started making them much bigger than when Isla was a baby.


Gemma is sleeping through the night, and has been consistently since 6 weeks!!!! 12 hours with a dream feed and about 11 without a dream feed. I loves me some Baby Wise.  I think it also help that we keep her super snuggled for sleeping.  I use a Snuggin Go inside a Nap Nanny (most favorite baby item) and then she’s swaddled in her Woombie and then I put a blanket over her bottom half.  It would be hard not to sleep in that set up.  We did finally turn the crib back into a crib from a toddler bed and moved it into our room this past weekend so I am going to start putting her there for the occasional nap.  Isla was already rolling at this point so she was out of her Nap Nanny, but I think Gemma will be in it for at least a few more months.

She is so funny at bath time.  I can tell she doesn’t love it, but at least she doesn’t scream anymore.  She gets all nervous and fidgety and tense.

Also, WHAT A TALKER!!! Nick and Isla and I love our little conversations with her. 

Isla continues to love Gemma.  I know it’s a BIG transition for her, but she has handled it so well.  The most “acting out” that I ever see is sometimes she will ask me to put Gemma down or stop “milking” Gemma or put Gemma down and hold a certain stuffed animal.  That’s it.  Other than that she seems to really love Gemma.  She loves to hold her and hug her and never acts aggressive towards her, even though sometimes she’s a little rough in her love.  She loves to introduce her baby sister to new people and always makes sure that Gemma is coming with us when we go somewhere.



One other random thing, I “wear” Gemma a lot.  I love it and appreciate having extra hands for Isla while also getting to cuddle Gemma at the same time.  Otherwise she would not get nearly the physical affection that Isla did when she was a baby.

photo (2)All in all, we love being a family of four!  We are having a blast.  I feel so bad for my little first born guinea pig, Isla.  I absolutely loved having her as a baby too, but in hind sight, I was so overwhelmed and had no idea what I was doing.  I love getting to do this all over again with more experience and patience, and having Isla with me to keep me laughing and to love on Gemma with me makes life so sweet.

*** I thought that I had more pictures, but I think that they must be on Nick’s phone!!! I will try to update this later with more close ups of our precious Gemma.

Ah ha! Found them.  Here are some more pictures of our cutie pie!

This is during one of our conversations in the car Smile.


Chatting with Daddy.


Try NOT to fall in love with that face!



First flight – she was an angel.  She only squeaked for about two minutes one time.  The babuska sitting next to me was ready to jump in and bundle her up like a starfish!  She kept commenting on the draft (there was no draft or air flow anywhere near Gemma) and asking me if Gemma was cold.  My thought are – if Gemma’s unhappy, she’ll tell me about it.  As it was, she was perfect and slept, cooed, pooed and ate!


Meeting some people – I need to get more pictures of her being held by people.

This is my friend Anastacia, she has a little girl named Zooey and her husband works with Nick.


This our company Doctor – she has been a HUGE help to our family this past year; she has gone above and beyond to help us out.


Our little cutie patootie!


Monday, May 20, 2013

A Monday in the Life

I have been wanting to do another “Day in the life” post for a while now, but I can never find a good day.  Ideally the day that I blog about would be full of interesting things and would be on a day where I was particularly productive or maybe even just a day where I was feeling especially creative and witty or especially a day when I am doing something particularly pious.  Odd that those days are so far and few between… Winking smile

In the absence of a day like that, I guess that I will just have to blog about a very, very ordinary day.  If I really get my act together then maybe I will blog about every day this week in order to capture part of my last weeks in Russia. If anything it will at least help my insomniac mother get some shut eye.

5:45 AM: Wake up.  Its soooo bright outside this far north in the mornings during the summertime!  I want to go back to sleep… <roll over and conveniently forget that I had planned to get up and work out at 6 this morning.>

6:05 AM: Hear a little voice calling out “Mama, mama” from her room.  Ummm… no way is my little preschooler getting up at 6.  I get up and gently tell her its not time to get up yet and aim her back for her bed; spend a few half asleep minutes looking for her toddle alarm clock <Wonder why I have not set that darn thing up since we got back yet…>. Give up and head back to my bed to snuggle with Nick.

6:30 AM: Get up.  If I am going to do this stupid work out thing, I better do it. Its just that snuggling’s my favorite thing…  But I get up – its painful.  Get dressed. Put on Tracy Anderson.  OMGoodness.  I attempt to bounce, jump, kick and pretend that I have any semblance of rhythm or grace or inherent dance ability; try, try, try to internalize her advice not to be embarrassed and believe that one day I will get it… that is until my half asleep husband stumbles into the living room.  “Don’t look at me!” I shriek, only halfway joking, as he turns around and high tails it back to our bedroom.

7 AM: Head to Isla’s room and quietly open the gate, thank goodness she fell back asleep.  Turn to our bedroom to find Nick and Gemma snuggling.  I pick up my sweet baby and start to nurse her and ask Nick about his day.  We chat and then he goes to the bathroom to shower and get ready.  Isla comes in to find me in the glider nursing Gemma.  She promptly returns to her room to get as many books as she can carry and then asks me to read.  I happily oblige her.  I love moments like these, snuggling my two babies, meeting their needs – one for food, one for attention.

7:30: Its time to make breakfast!!!! I refuse Isla’s request for a 6th book, and change Gemma’s diaper.  I move to our living/kitchen area and lay Gemma down on a blanket on the floor.  Isla wants to help me make our breakfast smoothies.  It actually goes ok, but I keep having to stop to go and soothe Gemma who doesn’t like being left out. <I mentally wish that I had a baby chair for her, but they are all in the states and we can do without for 5 more weeks.>  Finally I ask Isla if she can go and pat Gemma’s back since I need to get this darn smoothie done before Nick comes out.  Oh LORDY, that was a mistake.  Isla has shown great initiative and turned Gemma over onto her back (not what I asked) and is attempting to sit Gemma up all the way.  Not being strong enough, Gemma falls over right smack onto the side of her little head.  Of course she isn’t hurt, just a little unhappy. I cuddle the baby, and we take her back to the master bedroom so Daddy can hold her. Thankfully that helps me finish the smoothie in 2 minutes.

8 AM: We finish eating our smoothies and Nick asks me about the workout and what did I think.  Teases me (of course) and we figure out lunch plans.  Finally we tell him we love him, kiss him and he heads out the door and off to work.  I set Isla up in Independent Playtime/Room Time for an hour or so while I go and take a bath and get ready.  I want to clean the kitchen or make the bed, but I need to pay some bills and return some emails first.  Occasionally Isla calls me from her room to help her with something.  I have just started cleaning the kitchen when the timer goes off and Isla wants out.

9:30: Independent Playtime is over and although I want to clean the kitchen, Free Play is NOT what Isla wants to do.  At first I resist, my dirty kitchen countertops nagging at my conscience, however I eventually succumb to her adorableness.  We play with her Noah’s Ark set and I tell her the story of the ark and get out several of her children’s bibles and read the ark story in them.  We also get out her counting cards and work on counting exercises – she is getting sooo good at counting!  I am so proud.  Finally, even though she protests, I tell her I need to go and check the clock because its almost time to get Gemma up.

10:30 AM: WHAT??? It’s 10:30, I was supposed to wake Gemma up half an hour ago!  I wake her up and feed her in the living room while Isla plays with her easel and reusable stickers. Somewhere in there Gemma has a blowout all over me, her blanket and of course her clothes so I clean that up.  Those darn reusable stickers are NOT sticking, so Isla and I head over the kitchen to rinse them in soapy water since that is supposed to help them stick again and realize that I still have NOT finished cleaning up the kitchen.  Gemma is really fussy so instead of cleaning up; I opt to sit and hold her and cuddle her instead.  Win-win.  She is really the sweetest baby.  Isla continues to play with her easel and reusable stickers.

11:30 AM: It’s lunch already?  Gemma’s ready for her nap, so I put her down.  I take stock of our kitchen and decide on grilled cheese and prunes for Isla.  Awesome combination.  I say that I am doing the clean out the pantry exercise, but really its Isla that is cleaning out the pantry. Its nice to have a toddler that does not have an ounce of food snobbery in her. Somewhere in there I finally finished getting the kitchen cleaned up, only to have it get dirty again.

12 PM: Nick calls and we discuss the water delivery, and him stopping by Lenta for diapers and wipes on his way back from the work site.  He offers to do all the grocery shopping there, I waiver, wanting to be a strong, productive woman, but the siren song of no trip to the Russian supermarket with a busy three year old and a baby strapped to my chest is just too great.  I give in and tell him I’ll send him a list by 3:30 PM.

12:15 PM:  I hang up the phone and change my mind.  No, we will go when Gemma gets up! Nick works too hard to have to be in charge of all of the grocery shopping too.  Isla wants all of my attention, as usual, but I need to get a few things done, so I make her an offer she can’t refuse – I say we can put on the TV for her to watch.  Of course she accepts the TV, and I pop in Mega Mind.  I sneak into the master bedroom and make the bed without waking up Gemma and come back out to clean up the living room and kitchen. Then I get out the flax seed that I have been needing to grind up and get that done.  I organize a few play dates and respond to a friend’s request to get together and text my friend Li and offer some of my ground flax seed to her.

1:00 PM: I wake up Gemma, nurse her.  The water shows up without the warning call that I had been told I would receive.  Thank goodness I was home because we are completely out of water and otherwise they probably wouldn’t come back until tomorrow. Gather up our stuff and make it out the door by 1:45.

2:00 PM: The girls and I walk to Tabriz sans stroller.  This is a bold move on my part.  We are nearing Isla’s nap time and she is not a walker; I’m a little proud of myself for living on the edge.  Since we are carrying everything home I shop for only the bare necessities.  Isla runs willy nilly all over the store, but really does try to listen when I correct her or give her a direct command.  She is sooo busy.  She needs something to capture her attention at all times or she wonders and starts to touch and grab!  We walk up to the cashier and Isla helps me put the food on the conveyor belt.  I go to reach for my wallet and realize that I never put it back in my bag after I bought the water!!! Oh no.  Oh no!  Completely embarrassed I inform the cashier in Russian that I cannot pay and offer to take the stuff back to the shelves.  She’s clearly not happy, but also not rude about it either.  I leave the store – dignity in shreds and my girls and I all walk home.  Its going to be a couple of days before I will be able to go back in the store. Pride goeth before fall.

2:30 PM: Get back home and put the girls down for their nap.  Gemma wakes up after a short nap and fusses off an on for the next half hour.  I blog and only get up to 1:00 PM!  Seriously, why does blogging take me so long?  I can’t believe I didn’t even make it up to the present at that moment time. I also email my expanded grocery list to Nick, who now has to do all of the grocery shopping at Lenta Sad smile.

3:30 PM: My good friend Li stops by for the flax seed.  She’s expecting her first child and we chat about child related stuff.  I bring out Gemma a little early since she’s clearly not interested in sleep and I realize she’s hungry… growth spurt??? I feed her. Isla wakes up and I snuggle her awake while we talk some more.  This would be the only time that my busy little girl is in the mood to snuggle and I take full advantage. We keep chatting, Gemma has another blow out… what’s with this girl?

4:30 PM: I start to cook the rice for dinner.  Li is Chinese, and not to be cliché or stereotype, but she actually knows a lot about cooking rice (for real).  She comments on my old school style of cooking rice and says it looks “scary” and offers her rice cooker. I accept.  We decide to do a challenge to figure out which rice turns out better.

5:00 PM: Nick is home and I start dinner.  We chat with Li about the new Chinese food restaurant in town; Isla is being pretty naughty, continuously interrupting and being loud (I know she wants attention but I cannot always have my attention on her) so she gets sent to Independent Play time (this is not a punishment).  I am sooo glad that I started IP.  It comes in really handy at times, especially when we have company over. Without it I would probably get frustrated at not being able to carry on an adult conversation and Isla would be disciplined.  This way I just have to kindly announce its time for Independent Playtime and she happily follows since she’s used to it and I get to talk in peace!  Li leaves and we put Gemma down for a cat nap.

5:30 PM: Gemma wakes up HUNGRY.  That’s an hour and a half early so now I know it’s a growth spurt.  Nick holds her off with a binky for 10 minutes just because I am smack dab in the middle of making dinner (Cuban black beans – yum, yum) and I can’t stop until I get all of the ingredients together and simmering.  Finally I nurse Gemma; Nick plays with Isla and a little stencil toy she got in a chocolate egg.  We sit down to eat finally.

6:30 PM: Bath, lotion and massage time, bed time.  It takes a while.  Its fun but tiring.

7:45 PM: Nick and I clean up the kitchen. Gemma wakes up, I nurse her, she gets put back to bed again.  Isla keeps coming to door with requests trying to delay sleep Smile.  We work on taxes and pull together some documents for the house.  I read a blog or two.

9:00 PM: Finally it seems that all kids are asleep.  Nick puts on the Mentalist, which he loves, I’m like whatever about that show so I sit down to finish this blog post. Whoops!  Spoke too soon. Gemma is awake and we take turns trying to put her to sleep again; I nurse her again.  She’s clearly tired, but just struggling.  Bless her heart.  This is not like her. I admit that I am a little annoyed since I prefer my evenings sans children, but she still gets loved on because she’s so darn cute.  Nick finishes the Mentalist and I go to put on our favorite show, only to find out its not working. Boo.  We bring out Gemma since she’s so fussy and just wants to be held.

10:00 PM: Gemma falls asleep in Nick’s arms while I blog Smile. I suspect we will watch a little more TV and then off to bed!

Phew, that took a long time.  Maybe I won’t do that again tomorrow or ever again!  I just don’t know how to be succinct when I blog and I feel fairly certain that only my mom will read this whole thing!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Locked In

Phewwwww!!! We are done with negotiations on the house including inspection and seller required repairs, so barring a catastrophe, we should be able to close on our house on July 1st.  Now I feel like I can show you a little bit more of the house…

Here’s a peek at Isla’s room.

Bedroom 1

Oh but here’s the best part of Isla’s room…

Loft 1Loft 2Loft 3

She’s going to have so much fun up there in her reading loft.

And my favorite part of the house…

Laundry 1Laundry 2

My dreamy laundry room.  Not too shabby considering that this has been my laundry room (and master bath and Isla’s bath) the past two years…

photo (20)

photo (19)










I’m sad to go, but excited about new beginnings in Midland, and especially our house!  There are little things that keep popping up about it that I realize that I have always wanted in a house that feel like sweet little presents from above.  They were not on my must-have list – which is the short list of criteria we used – so I wasn’t looking for them, and now I realize this house has them!

Right now, I’m trying to clean out and give away whatever I can.  I doing the “cook what’s in your pantry” exercise and it is really a fun challenge.  I wish that I had done it sooner.

I am also getting started on inventorying our house and spending as many precious minutes with friends as I possibly can.  We leave Russia at the end of June.  I almost can’t believe it.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Greetings from Paris!

Just kidding!  We are in Moscow, and its 2:30 in the morning.

First there was all of my thyroid issues and I needed to be in the states for those, and then we found out a few weeks ago that if we were going to fit in a house hunting trip to Midland, then we needed to do it before we returned to Russia so we made the decision to cancel Paris.  I have always wanted to see Paris (and the trip I took with my family when I was five doesn’t count!), but we made right decision.  Maybe sometime in the future!

After my thyroid biopsy last week, we immediately got in the car and drove up to Midland with an overnight stop at Nick’s parents in Temple.  It was a beautiful drive through the hill country, and I thoroughly enjoyed it… when I wasn’t glued to the Zillow app on my iPhone that is! I love Texas.

So, I knew the Midland house market was hot right now… what I didn’t realize was just how hot!  I thought that most houses were on the market for a few weeks and then gone.  NO.  Think California in the early 2000s!  Houses are coming on the market and gone in a day.  Tuesday my realtor sent me a list of available homes.  Wednesday I sent her a list of what I wanted to see.  Thursday morning when we actually went to go an look houses half of them were already under contract! One contender house we looked at at1 PM was gone by the time we drove by it again at 7 PM.  I kid you not, but half of the four bedrooms we looked at were not true four bedrooms.  They were trying to pass off closetless or doorless rooms as the fourth bedroom.

When we got into Midland we went and drove around the neighborhoods of the houses I really liked and I LOVED them, one house and neighborhood in particular. Of course that house was gone by Thursday after having been on the market a whopping two days.  Wednesday night I went to sleep with a smile on my lips, by Thursday night I was up tossing and turning over the houses we were finding and I just couldn’t sleep trying to decide whether or not to expand our budget, which meant a mortgage (sigh) or just wait, which had the potential to be very costly since the rental market is just as hot.  We could have rented a place to the tune of $3k a month if we wanted to, but we wanted to avoid that if possible.

Thursday night a house came on the market that looked pretty good so we scheduled to go and see at noon on Friday.  I loved it!  It had a pool, was close to a park, and I loved the way it had been renovated – Spanish/Southwest style with a lot of Saltillo tile and bright colors.  We really wanted to buy a renovated older home since newer homes are super high per square foot.  Nick forbade me from buying anything I would want to make changes to since it doesn’t make sense for us financially should the Midland market bubble burst.

Anyway, after seeing the house we decided to put an offer in on it, only to learn that there were TWO other CASH offers!  We decided to put in $7500 over asking pricing, since even with that we felt we were getting a good deal compared to what we had been seeing… guess what?  We didn’t get the house!  Can  you imagine putting your house on the market and have THREE good offers, all over asking and two of them cash all within the first day?  I would love to be in that position one day.  I never thought I would offer over asking on a house, let alone not get that house!

Anyway, we went back to our second and third options, and after comparing cost per square foot, it made the most sense for us to go with our second option.  I absolutely love it and I love the neighborhood, and there are so many young kids on our street.  It was just more than I wanted to spend, although still not a budget buster. I guess being mortgage free will just have to wait until another city… :/. We still haven’t closed on it, so something could fall through, but for now, this should be our future home! We close when we repatriate. Nick told me not to jinx us, so I had to add the disclaimer Smile. I do not want to house hunt in that market again.

I really should have known that this was supposed to be our home when we drove up and saw this on our curb…

photo (13)

Methinks it was meant to be! I had seen a lot of house numbers with Texas Tech on them, and one UT, but this was the one and only I saw with Texas A&M.

Anyway, I present to you our new home in Midland!  I stole the pictures from the listing.  Random note, all of the homes in Midland have alleyway access… isn’t that weird?  I like it thought because it means no cars on the street!

Midland House

We have a fourth bedroom so we’re hoping for lots of visitors!!!  I will post pictures of the interior as we get them ready and set up.

The best part is the neighborhood.  It has a pool, splash pad (the only one in Midland as far as I can tell), a park with a big walking trail, and two ponds with a stream that connects them.  You can fish in the pond, feed the koi fish and also the ducks!  I had hoped to be near a duck pond, so this is just so delightful.  Isla is going to have a blast!


I am really looking forward to getting in and getting settled!  But first, Russia and the good bye and packing parts of the move.  I hate those parts, especially the good buy part Sad smile.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Life is Cystful…

So, what’s the difference between a Russian optimist and Russian pessimist?

A Russian pessimist says “Why, things just can’t get any worse…”

A Russian optimists says “Sure they can!”

You would have thought that between Nick’s appendectomy, my sickness earlier, and Gemma’s hospitalization that we would have used up our bad vibrations quota for the year… but apparently we have not. I haven’t blogged in a month because life has been hazelnuts!

I didn’t mention this before, but when Gemma was hospitalized for her virus/possible urinary tract infection they did an ultrasound of her kidneys.  While they were there, they found some large cysts on her ovaries, and at least one was close to the size the required surgery.  Apparently they don’t have enough data on babies Gemma’s age to know what is normal or what isn’t, so they didn’t know if it would pass as the birth hormones left her or if she needed treatment.  New born babies still have a lot of their mother’s hormones for weeks after birth, even little boys, and they thought that the cysts might be caused by that.  They just didn’t know!

Anyway, the plan was just to wait a little bit and then do another ultrasound to see if the cysts went down or away.  So a few weeks ago, I got my sweet little princess up at 5:30 AM to take her to one of the Texas Children’s branches in the Woodlands for an ultrasound on her ovaries, and also to recheck her kidneys.

My sweet, sweet baby. I hate seeing her in hospital beds, She just looks so tiny and so vulnerable. I can’t believe how much I love her.


Anyway it took about two hours, because they needed her kidneys to be full and we kept missing the right window, but the end result was good news!  Her ovaries, and also her kidneys are perfectly fine. Thank the Lord, there is nothing worse than thinking something is wrong with your child. Nothing.

Then there was me!  A few weeks ago I was having lunch with my Aunt and Uncle and I went to rub my neck and I felt a weird lump.  I had my mom check it, and sure enough there was lump on my neck in the region of my thyroid.  I knew that I had had an abnormal reading on my thyroid when I went in for a physical a few weeks earlier, and I know two people, both of them nursing mothers who had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the past six months.

I got on it immediately, I called my OB who referred me to my GP who ordered an ultrasound on my neck.  It came back with four large nodules – three cysts and one mass.  I was then referred to an endocrinologist.  He seemed very concerned and ordered a biopsy on the nodules.

It took them a while to get back to me on the biopsy, and I admit that that frustrated me.  I could understand if took a while for them to get me in, but to schedule the biopsy it took them three days to call back, even after they had said they would rush.  They knew I was trying to get back to Russia as quickly as possible.

I went to lunch with a friend who had had thyroid cancer, and she recommended her endocrinologist who had experience working with out of country patients and tended to move quickly.  She called and got us an appointment, and we did some research.  Apparently he is extremely well respected, and also rumor has it, is the endocrinologist of a certain Houston based former US president.

We went to the appointment, and my doctor was super nice… still we had a moment where we wondered if we could trust a doctor that had this hanging on his wall…

photo (12)

Anyway, he was very competent and also a total and complete goober.  My kind of doctor! We really liked him and we felt that we could trust his credentials better than my previous doctor.  Also he sent us to a center that specializes in ENT surgeries for my biopsy and we felt that we could better trust not getting a false negative from there over the place that the other doctor was going to send us to.  My friend who recommended this doctor had had a false negative and we had some fear of the same thing a happening to me.

So, we all have our quirks… one of my quirks is that I ABOSLUTELY HATE and it MAKES MY BLOOD RUN COLD to have someone touch my neck.  I wanted to ask for a relaxant or something, but it would have meant pumping and dumping for a day, which I didn’t want to do.  Nick said “I can’t believe this is happening to you of all people… I guess its just time for you to face your fears head on.”

I went in, and the surgeon was very nice, and really put me at ease. He wanted to do everything possible so that I could “get back to mothering.” That was nice to hear as a SAHM. I felt like he didn’t have a negative view of the fact that I “just spend all day at home with my kids” that I get from so many other people who ask what I do. As hard as I try not to care, sometimes it makes me feel a little small.

The worst part was when he numbed my neck.  Goodness, I was sweating and I was shaking and squeezing my hands, but I got through it.  The biopsy was not that bad since I was mostly numb, but it did have a few painful moments.  They had to redo one a few times.

Thankfully they were able to do a preliminary review of the samples right then and there, and they came back NO for cancer!  They still need to finalize the test and run the report, but for now everything looks fine.

Super huge major relief!

After the biopsy it looked like I had been attacked by vampires.  One of my best friends Jessy said “Thank goodness it was catch and release!” HA! We went to breakfast as Le Peep to celebrate before we headed back to the Thistle Patch.

photo (11)

Anyway, now of course I feel silly since everything came back normal, but we were very scared and concerned.  It is very prevalent in my age group and apparently these things tend to surface around pregnancy and childbirth due to all of the hormones going through your body.  We do still need to monitor it, but for now, everything looks good!

Nick kept telling me to “stop faking cancer to get out of going to Midland!” HA! I love how he can keep me laughing at any time.

I am so thankful for all of the support that my friends and family showed me during this time.  I am so, absurdly ridiculously blessed.  The tagline of my blog used to read “But then there was a star danced, and under that was I born.” I do feel a little bit like I was born under a lucky star. I have done so little to deserve what I have.

Also, we have had a lot of bad puns on this blog over the years, but this one may be the worst… which means its my favorite of all times ever. Smile

Also, also I have used the word hormones on the blog way more times than I ever thought I would.  I hope that I have no reason to use it ever again!

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