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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

It’s the return of the Tuesday Tidbits!  Its been a while, but today was one of those Mommy-needs-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-for-dinner days, and so I am taking some ME-TIME to do one of my favorite things – blog!  I had big plans to be productive after the girls were in bed, but I am doing this just because I want to, and then I am going to bed!

  • So, its looking like this little cutie may have inherited her daddy’s dimples. I am a little bit giddy about this… just a little. <BIG GIANT MOMMY GRIN>photo (4)
  • Also, little Dimples slept an 8 hour stretch last night Smile.  It is ok to hate me… that’s just ridiculous for a five week old.
  • Today was my first day flying solo with both girls.  I dropped Isla off at MDO, and took Gemma to the Doctor.  Then I picked up Isla with Gemma in tow and attempted my first errand at the post office.  I completed my task successfully, and I am feeling quite brave and keen to do something else with both of them!
  • I finally ordered what I thought would be the perfect double stroller for our family, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight… it came in the other day and I had been itching to try it out.photo (5)photo (6)
  • I tested it at the Post Office, and it turns out that at Isla’s age, I should have consulted my little rider because this pretty much sums up her reaction to it… photo (7)
  • Smart girl, she knows when she is getting the short end of the stick! Apparently she wants a full seat with a full recline.  I am going to try to get her on board with this one, but if it doesn’t work, I may be in the market for yet another stroller.  As much as I love strollers, I am not happy about this… it is getting embarrassing the number of strollers I have. I could sell some, but I have a hard time letting them go… I love them.
  • OMGoodness, Isla was horrible today!  She was so bad – happy and smiley but BAD.  Except she wasn’t really happy Sad smile.  Bless her heart, she is missing her daddy and asks about him constantly.  She is just acting out.  One thing that I absolutely feel very passionate about is limiting her time away from Nick.  We have never had to do more than 3 weeks apart while overseas, but even that length is too long.  That is one thing I will not miss about being an expat!
  • During Nick’s job transition he had the option of two very good positions that involved either a lot of travel (25%+) or were rotational (14 and 14).  We passed on them and now I am confident that we made the right decision – these girls need their daddy.  Midland was the right choice.
  • Oh man, speaking of Midland, I am getting so depressed about house hunting.  They are in the middle of a housing bubble.  Its an oil boom town so prices rise and fall with the price of oil.  I looked at house I liked that sold in August of 2012, it has just been relisted at $43,000 higher than it JUST SOLD 7 months ago!!! We are always a day late and a dollar short.  And I just know the bubble will burst just when it comes time for us to move again… I do not want to lose money on another house like we did in Covington.  We work too hard for that. 
  • Isla experienced her first Texas thunderstorm today.  She said is scared her and asked me to turn it off… bless her heart, I told her I’d try and it seemed to really comfort her. Of course it started up right at bedtime so it took her forever to fall asleep, this after a day of being rotten and also fighting her nap – she is the Evander Holyfield of nap fighting.  Me thinks we are in for another tough day tomorrow Sad smile.
  • I love saying “my girls” and “the girls”.  I always thought that if I had all of one gender, it would be all boys.  I am still a little bit stunned that I have TWO GIRLS!  Of course we aren’t done yet, but I absolutely love having two adorable girlies.  They make me so happy.
  • And now as a mother of girls, I feel like I need to really figure out how to do hair.  I hate doing hair.  I always wear my “wild and wooly” hair back or up.  Every attempt to figure out how to style it in the past has lasted about 10 minutes before I got bored and went off to read a book.  But for Isla and Gemma’s sake, I am making an honest effort. 
  • My two attempts at doing Isla’s hair have been embarrassing and only made it look worse. Basically at this point I am begging for anyone to direct me towards some hair styling resources, like a good website or something.  If a woman’s hair is her glory, then I want to make sure that my girls can at least wear their hair down without shame.photo (8)
  • Also, I think that’s why I am so obsessed with bows on babies.  It’s a pretty hair accessory and so adorable, and best of all, easy. I am so frustrated with myself for leaving most of my bows in Russia.  I was so convinced Gemma was a boy!
  • I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  Its helping me lose the baby weight faster, but it is also making me even more scatterbrained.  Just what I needed.
  • Do I use too many exclamation points when I blog?

Okey dokey, this tired, scatterbrained, discombobulated mom is going to bed. God bless and good night!


  1. Hypothyroidism? I hope you are doing well. Now, the perennial thyroid question: what's your dose? (I'm 125 mcg, but I don't have a thyroid at all, so it's probably higher than you.) Do they have any ideas about the cause? I guess it just happens to some people. Weirdly, I can't really relate, because I never had any thyroid symptoms before they found my cancer. And, luckily, my meds only took one adjustment and I feel fine. Sorry that you have to have that on top of everything else. Hang in there!

  2. Meg, I should not have been so flippant. I have no idea what my number is; it came out of a routine physical I had to do in order to return to Russia. I was not surprised though, both my sister and I get this and its pregnancy related; she had it with both of her boys and I had with Isla. Each time our Doctors told us that it would go away on its own as the pregnancy hormones left us and it did, and I never pressed the issue further. I am going to follow up Monday with my OB and see if she has something different to say than the Dr who delivered Isla did. This is nothing compared what you have gone through! I am not worried about it, all it means is that we get much thinner than normal, which I enjoy while it lasts because the weight all comes back. It also means that I have trouble with my memory and less energy, but it happens at a time when people expect me to be a little more loopy and tired than normal so they are understanding without too much explanation. If something different or more serious comes of it with my new Dr I will update everyone.


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