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Monday, March 25, 2013

On The Move Again

To Midland, TX!!!!!

Nick is really excited about his new job opportunity, and me… well… I am excited to get back to Texas, even if I had hoped for Houston. I have been away too long and I have been getting a little homesick. The desert is not my favorite ecosystem, but I think that we will do well as a family there for the next several years.

We are really going to miss Russia. We have made wonderful friends, and it has been great for our family. We are especially going to miss our church. We always wanted to serve the church overseas somehow and it was the fulfillment of a longtime dream to find Calvary Chapel Novorossiysk and get to be active members. If we can find a church half as wonderful in Midland, we will be doing very well.

The move should happen sometime in the next couple of months. In the meantime, we will still return to Russia as planned next month, but with a little stop over in…

PARIS! The city of lights. We trying to do it as cheaply as possible since we will have a lot of expenses moving back to the USA, so we are using points for the flights and the hotel… but after the year we have had so far, we could seriously use a vacation!

I will hopefully update the blog more as we find out more on dates, but I am excited about our future and how life will be in the next place that God has determined The Wannderers should go…


  1. Oh My Goodness! An early WELCOME back home. I have such mixed emotions for you . . . hahaha! I love all you are doing in Russia and reading about it, and praying for you guys there . . . but I'm also excited you will be back in TX, and maybe visiting CS more often . . . please know you have beds, bathrooms, changing tables, a pool, A/C, some toys, and even some babysitters anytime you are in Aggieland--I mean this SOOO SINCERELY!!!! Love you, and good luck with what I'm sure will be an adventurous transition with your gorgeous family.

  2. One of my friends (and fellow Aggies :)) lives in Midland with her husband. Here is their church website if you want to visit - http://www.cornerstonemidland.com

  3. Wow - that's so exciting! I bet your parents are thrilled to be getting their granddaughters back close to home! Midland doesn't seem far when they've dealt with Russia I'm sure!

  4. Melissa - this blog is definitely going to contain much less adventuring! I'm thinking San Antonio is the wildest we will get for the next few years :). Definitely I would love to get together in Aggieland, and utilize your babysitting services!

    Cindy - Thank you so much for the church website! We will definitely check it out.

    Kristy - Yes, both sets of grandparents cannot contain their glee! I am happy too. Isla just lights up when she's around them - its amazing how children thrive when surrounded by so much love!

  5. That is great! I am so happy for you guys! Perhaps now that we will be just a state or two away, we might find a way to meet up. Either way, I am sure that it will be nice to be closer to family again now you are 4!

  6. Meg, yessssssssssssssss! We should meet up and have a Settlers Tourney :)!!!! I have to warn you... I'm pretty good :). Nick always wants to visit the Smokey Mountains so maybe we'll be close to you sometime in the next year or so. Even though we won't be globetrotting for the next few years, there is so much we want to visit in the USA.


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