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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gemma’s Arrival Part 3

I do want to document the rest of our time in the hospital and Gemma’s trip home… so this will be day 2 and 3 in the hospital.

I woke up on Day 2, and I had the most pain that I have had since the c-section.  It was NOT bad, but it was painful.  I am sure that it was less pain than most women experience with vaginal births.  My anesthesia had worn off, and so I called the nurses in to ask if I could start my regular pain medication.  They agreed it was time and put it into my IV.  After it had had time to kick in, they came in and removed my catheter and it was time for me to try to get  up and walk around and try to use the restroom.  This was the most painful part of the entire c-section.  The first time you get out of bed, it feels like someone has attached weighted hooks to your incision and your stomach is being pulled downward.  Thankfully it gets better and better throughout the day, and by the next day, you feel very little discomfort as your body adjusts to the oral pain medication, plus the binder they put on my stomach helped tremendously.

Also by the time I had woken up I was tired of people coming in and referring to Gemma as a “he/him” so I decided to girl her up a little bit!


Much better!

Nick’s parents were coming that day to see Gemma and then the plan was for them to take Isla back home to Temple with them for a few days.  It was so nice to see my in-laws and introduce them to their newest grandbaby – fourth granddaughter and fifth grandchild in less than four years!


Nick’s sister Tiffany also stopped by with baby Logan Irene who is only three months old (and who has not gotten a blog announcement like her big sister Hallie and big brother Barrett did – the unfairness of being a third child!).

Love this picture!


We also had several more visitors including our good friend Kristen Wells, who is due with her own little girl any day now! 


We were also visited by another good friend Ashley and her little boy Palmer, who is such a little love.  He didn’t leave my mom’s lap for a second! Isla came up to the hospital with my parents and of course only wanted to hold her baby sister.  She kept asking if it was her turn yet. Smile  She left with Nick’s parents in the early afternoon.  I missed her so much for the four days she was away.


We had a few more visitors that I forgot to get pictures with.  I was really thankful for all of the visitors!  It was fun being able to show off Gemma and it helped pass the time.

I also want to say that that day at the hospital I had THE BEST nurses.  I made sure to get pictures of them before we left.



And Dawn.


They were the best! I had heard nothing but great things about the nurses at Memorial Hermann from other friends and my sister who had delivered there, but to tell you the truth I was not that impressed by the nurses other than these two.  I thought that my nurses at St Tammany where I delivered Isla were much better.  I kept having to remind them to bring me my pain medication, sometimes they were 30 minutes late.  I just don’t think I should have to do that.  These two ladies however, were awesome.

That night we had another peaceful night at the hospital.  I was finally able to take a much needed shower.  Gemma slept A LOT and even slept through her little heel prick blood draw test!  The nurse said that that was the first time that had ever happened! I sure hope she stays such a good sleeper Smile.

We made sure to get in a little more skin-to-skin time… I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!


The next day my Doctor came in a told me I was free to leave that day if I wanted to, although I could stay another day if needed.  Truth be told I probably could have stayed another day, but I felt like the hospital powers that be were ready for me to leave.  For starters they took away Dawn and Pauline and gave me kind of an old cranky nurse, who reminded me that check out was at 1, and whose picture I purposely did not take.  And after I had to remind the nurses several times to bring me my pain medication, I decided that Nick and my mom could probably take better care of me than they could.  I did feel well enough to go home or else I wouldn’t have gone, and I’m sure I saved our insurance $10,000 or so, so I think it was probably the right choice.  After Gemma’s hearing test (passed) and her newborn photos, the hospital had me ready to go by 10 AM, although I opted to stay until 1 to take my last round of medicine.  It just feels crazy that I was out of the hospital almost 48 hours to the minute after a major abdominal surgery!

Here we are are ready to go home!


Our beautiful girl!


We returned to my mom and dad’s house, and spent the rest of the day napping or walking or staring at Gemma!  It was so quiet without Isla, who was not set to return home for another two days.

Gemma’s arrival was really a sweet, peaceful experience, and I am so thankful for it and so thankful for our girl!  My life feels undeservedly rich right now.


  1. She is so beautiful!

    I left the hospital after 48 hours as well. I was tired of the dry air and the lights. I felt cramped and out of my element. I hear you about the nurses as well. The good ones are great. We had a really great baby nurse who ended up helping me just as much as she helped Calvin.

    I am so glad that everything went well. She is a very sleepy girl!

  2. I know, I feel kind of bad complaining about them, but most of the time I was their only patient or they only had one more...

    She really is a good sleeper! I hope she stays this way.


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