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Monday, March 4, 2013

Gemma’s Arrival Part 2

After Gemma came out and they were done with me, the nurses wheeled me into the Recovery Room.  Gemma was already there with her Daddy (only she wasn’t Gemma yet…).

Our hospital was very encouraging and supportive of breastfeeding so they immediately put Gemma on my chest for skin-to-skin contact.  Unlike Isla, who immediately worked her way over and latched on, Gemma took quite a bit longer.  The nurse worked with her for almost an hour to get her to latch.  Thankfully although it took a while at first, we eventually got it and we haven’t had any trouble since then!  Nick and I spent that time just pouring over her and discussing her name… more on that later.  We eventually decided on Gemma Elizabeth!

Here is a picture of Gemma being held by our Doctor!  She is awesome, and I feel like I have her to mostly thank for making my birth experience so wonderful.  That and of course everyone’s prayers!

photo (99)

We realized that it had been a while since her birth, and we hadn’t contacted anyone other than the Grandparents who had been immediately told that she was a girl and her births stats. We had sort of forgotten about the world!  We called my mom and dad who were in charge of bringing Isla in.  It was perfect timing because they had just arrived at the hospital, and Nick went to go and get them. Right then I received a text from Nick’s mom, so I gave her a call to let her know about the name and how I was feeling.

Nick came in first with Isla to introduce her to her little sister!  She was so excited, and hasn’t stopped being excited or in love with her little sister since then.  She charmed the nurses with her usual chatty, cheery little personality Smile.

photo (100)

Then it was my mom and Dad’s turn to come and see Gemma.  It was so good to see my mom and tell her about everything!  After we chatted for a while, my room in the hospital was ready so it was time to move me.

We wanted to make the transition to Big Sisterhood momentous for Isla, and so we arranged a gift exchange between Isla and Gemma.  Isla thought it was so cool that her sister gave her a present, and Nick said that later she kept telling everyone she passed in the hallway that her sister gave her a present!  She bought Gemma her own big Whoozit, and Gemma bought her a little animal construction toy.


Later we also brought out a cake with candles and sang “You’re a Big Sister Now” to the tune of “Happy Birthday to You”, and Isla LOVED it!  It’s a bit cheesy and may be overkill, but she’s two, and she enjoyed it so that’s all the really matters.


Isla also immediately wanted to hold her little sister… and hasn’t wanted to stop holding her since!  I love her expression in this picture; I so wish the quality was better.


A proud Daddy with his little Aggie girls (yes Isla had a wardrobe change, HA!)!


A proud Pawpaw with his little Aggie granddaughters!


Me with my girls!


Our first family photo! Isla was very interested in/concerned about Mama’s “Bobo Tummy.”


I just love this one.  Nick was so happy!


Also the only proof that my mom was actually there!  We have got to start getting her in more photos, but she hates having her pictures taken.  She is beautiful and wonderful!!!


My sister and nephews also stopped by that day, but we didn’t get any photos of them; I’m so annoyed because I wanted to get photos of Gemma with all of her visitors. Sad smile Sadly, it was eventually getting late and time for visitors plus Isla to leave.

Nick and I enjoyed a really sweet, peaceful night at the hospital with Gemma.  My anesthesia was awesome and I didn’t experience any discomfort, and actually got a lot of rest and felt really nice. It was a great day and a wonderful birthday that I am incredibly thankful for!


  1. I am so thankful that everything went well. I know how scared and nervous you were, and I am just so glad that everything turned out well. Reading this has filled me heart right up!

  2. I am so happy you had such a positive experience for round 2. Gives me hope! Great family photos you will cherish forever. :)

  3. Isla is looking more and more like you!


  5. Thank you all for your sweet comments! It was a great experience and an easy recovery so far.

    Kristy - I think you can make your next birth experience wonderful, even if it is a c-section. This one made me a believer!

    I love being a mama to my girls :)... I always thought I would have a girl and then all boys. Was I crazy? Gemma was exactly what we needed :)!!!


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