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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gemma Update

Sweet Gemma could really use some prayers! Her fever went down without Tylenol for over 24 hours right around the time they started her on antibiotics. Then it started creeping back up to the temperature that it was when she was admitted to the hospital, and they are saying that they don't think she ever had a UTI because the bacteria they did find was in such low doses. Now they think it was maybe a virus that has a cyclical fever pattern.  Whatever it is, I just want her temperature to be back to normal... and I want her home!  I was not worried until her fever started coming back up.

Please pray for my sweetheart's full healing - we are trusting in the Great Physician :).

Also, don't you just love her little redneck camo bandage for her new IV? Haha, she's getting ready to be a full time Texan...

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