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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big Sister Isla

In the past few weeks since Gemma was born, Isla has been the sweetest and best big sister!  The silver lining to our less than ideal birthing circumstances has been an easy transition for Isla.

Sister love

So far Isla has been nothing but delighted by her baby sister and doesn’t seem to mind the extra amount of time that Gemma takes!  Because we are at my parents house and my sister and her two boys live in the same property, there are a lot of hands to get her anything she needs and a lot of people and distractions to keep her busy!  For example, we went to Nick’s parents house this past weekend, and here she is with her Boo and they are tracing each other in chalk… I don’t know what it is about becoming grandparents, but both sets of our parents seem to have lost all dignity! Smile  Isla is pretty lucky to have two sets of grandparents who adore her and would do anything for her.

Chalk tracingIsla boo tracing

Not only that, but having Nick with us has been the biggest blessing – he didn’t take a single day off when Isla was born, so we have loved having him here, and we will be so sad when he leaves next Friday to return to Russia. Here he is practicing Isla’s gymnastic moves with her.

Practice gymnastics

Nick and I have to watch her like hawks though; she’s like Lenny with the rabbits and just wants to pick up and hug and love on little Gemma and rub her head… always just a wee bit too hard! 

Isla Gemma head rub

Here she is “rocking” Gemma, at first it was sweet, but then it got a little rough so we had to put a stop to it. I think Isla meant well, but she’s not yet three. We are working with her, and she really is making an effort to be more gentle, but still…

photo (96)

She really does love her little sister though and always asks “Is my sister coming?” or “Can my sister come with us?” The other day we took Isla and Gemma to the pediatrician, Gemma had her two week appointment and Isla we took in for a sinus infection.  Gemma had to have a heel prick and Isla comforted our little patient before they started.  She was very concerned that her sister was about to get a “bobo”.

photo (98)

She also loves to sing to Gemma – here Isla is ordering me to sing “Lockingbird” otherwise known as “Hush Little Baby” to Gemma!

Stori sisters sing

All in all, I am really proud of my little first born and how well she is handling this BIG transition.  So far there are no signs of jealousy.  I know its coming when its only me and she has to compete with Gemma for my attention, but hopefully by then she will be used to her little sister so it won’t be too bad. Also, thank goodness she doesn’t seem to mind Gemma’s crying so far.

Isla Gemma sleep

I love my girls, and I hope that they grow up to be the best of friends!


  1. Soooo sweet! I love the picture of them on the doctor table!! Can't wait to meet her tomorrow!!

  2. Sweetest pic award goes to you----The one of Isla holding her at the doc!


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