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Sunday, March 31, 2013

1 Month of Gemma!

First of all, Gemma is home and fever free!  Praise the Lord.  Now we are thinking it was a virus that just had to run its course.  Nick has returned to Russia, and we are sad and miss him so much.  I can’t wait until we are reunited and don’t have to be apart anymore.  I am so thankful his medical clearance from his company took so long to come in… I know it was God making sure that Nick could be here for all of Gemma’s hospitalization. I’m so thankful we didn’t have to go through that without him.

I have been the worst second time Mommy about taking pictures of Gemma.  I am remedying that very soon though.  Now that we are for sure returning to the United States, I am getting an iPhone ASAP.  We did take some pictures on the good camera, and I will hopefully update this post with them soon.

Here’s our little princess the day she came home from the hospital! We are all pretty much in love with her… it helps that she’s so sweet.

photo 102

She is approximately 8 and a half pounds and about 20 inches long.  She is getting so cute now that she is filling out.  Gemma is a good little eater – once she figured out how to latch well she never stopped and she has a strong suck; she eats FAST for a little newborn.  Never longer than 15 minutes, but she’s gaining weight and sleeping well, so I know she’s getting enough milk.  She tries to nurse herself to sleep all the time, but that is not a habit I want to start.  She is very persistent about it, and usually refuses to take a binky from me, although she will take one from other people. Smile  I have cut out chocolate, dairy and caffeine since they seemed to give her gas in the early weeks.  I am going to start adding them back in next week to see how she handles them. I can always cut them back out again if she has trouble.

As for sleeping, she is a champion sleeper!  I know everything thinks Isla was a good sleeper, but she wasn’t.  She developed good sleeping habits thanks to the BabyWise/Baby Whisperer routine.  It took a  lot of work and STRESS to get Isla to sleep through the night, but it was worth it.  Gemma was born a good sleeper!  She has already gone almost a 9 hour stretch, and always makes it at least 6 or 7 hours… at 5 weeks old.  Amazing.  I am thankful because I just have not been able to be as strict as I was with Isla.  Also – no colic!  As a first time mom, I was in complete denial that Isla had colic.  I look back at blog posts and I would write “oh, she just needs a little extra help falling asleep at night…”  Pshaw.  Whatever.  She had colic and I just didn’t realize it.  I had always thought that it would be hard to love and be patient with a colicky baby, and since I didn’t have any trouble loving or being patient with Isla when she screamed for hours on end at night – I just thought it couldn’t be colic.  But still, it was colic and it was stressful. Its so awesome to be able to just lay Gemma down and have her fall asleep with only a little binky encouragement and sometimes… no encouragement at all! Smile 

She is worse than Isla in one sleeping area though.  Isla had a hard time falling asleep, but for night feedings I could just put her back down immediately without a binky or anything and she would fall right to sleep.  Gemma is more prone to cry and need a little bit of help falling back asleep in the middle of the night.  She usually does better when I turn on a little womb sounds app on the iPad and put it by her head.  This way, I don’t have to get up and reinsert her binky a trillion times.


When Isla was a newborn, I definitely glimpsed little bits and pieces of her future happy-go-lucky, life-of-the-party personality.  She never wanted to miss a thing!  I never wanted to “call it” the first time around since people would discount the things I would say, but having been proven right the first time – I am totally calling part of Gemma’s personality.  For starters, she loves her creature comforts!  She does not like to be messed with when she is cozy, and she gets cozy easy.  She does not like baths or getting her diaper changed or having her clothes changed or… the list goes on Smile.  I kind of think she might be the “grumpy” type on the Baby Whisperer personality chart.

This is her first bath, and this picture cracks me up!  She has started to like them a little bit better, but the first time was torture for her.

photo 4

She is fussier in general than Isla was, even though she is such an easy sleeper. She does not mind missing out on things, in fact, she loves a quiet, dark room.  I think that this may change though as she becomes more aware.  She also enjoys tummy time; I know most babies don’t. She is also more of a mommy’s girl already.  She really seems to pick out my voice and quiets when she hears it… unless she wants to nurse and then she screams even louder!

But she is sweet.  She makes us laugh and laugh, and I love her when she is wide eyed and wiggly and when she’s fussy and wants to try to nurse herself to sleep.  I love my babies, and the little personalities that God gives them!

photo (96)

Before Gemma was born, I was so curious about how motherhood would be the second time around.  While I haven’t experienced the crazy, euphoric high that I did with Isla, I actually enjoy it better this time.  My hormones have been fairly steady and I haven’t had any of the overwhelmed feelings and the random crying bouts that I would get with Isla.  Its nice to already know how to care for a baby, and the bonding is the same if not better since I don’t have to worry if I am doing x, y or z right or wrong.  I already know what to do, so I have the mental capacity to focus more on her cues and her little personality.  It has also been wonderful to have so many extra hands around to help.  It has made for a very easy transition.

That’s it for now.  We are feeling very blessed at the Wann house – Gemma is adorable and we are so thankful for her! 


  1. so glad to read this, I almost emailed you last night to check on her!

  2. I was really interested to read this. I often wonder what it will be like with two, and it seems that you are going through what I expected: less self-doubt and fear. I am glad that things are going well.

  3. Lauren, thank you so much for thinking of us!

    Meg, I thought that I might be overwhelmed having two littles, but I love it so far. I actually like it better the second time around - not that I love Gemma more, but I love having Isla and her interest in her sister and I love how much less worried I am about messing up. I figure Isla survived my parenting, Gemma will too!


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