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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gemma’s Arrival Part 1

We are now a family of four, Nick and I are parents to two beautiful little girls, and Isla is a big sister!  Here is the story of the day our newest blessing arrived into the world...

The morning that Gemma arrived I had been looking forward to sleeping in!  I was so excited that the surgery wasn’t scheduled until 12 PM and we didn’t need to be at the hospital until 11 AM so I thought I could do that.  I had originally expected to need to be at the hospital at 5 or 6 in the morning because it seems like that is when anything “scheduled” with labor and delivery usually happens.  Unfortunately, we were woken at 6 AM (at least an hour and half early) by Isla who was complaining of her ear hurting.  That is not like Isla, so Nick and I go up and got her ready so that Nick could take her to the HEB ReadiClinic and be there before it opened at 8 AM.  We wanted to be sure that she was ok before we turned her care over to grandparents and we knew that this would be faster than getting her to her pediatrician.  Thankfully the Nurse Practitioner there said that her ear looked ok, so Nick brought her home.

We spent the rest of the morning leisurely packing up and my mom kept taking our last pictures of us as a family of three! Isla was extra tired and also definitely not feeling very good, poor thing.  I tried to give her extra cuddles and love.


We did change Isla into her special “Big Sister” shirt!  We spent the days leading up to Gemma’s birthday telling her that she would be a big sister, and on the day of, she kept saying “NO! I’m going to be a BIG BROTHER! And I’m going to have a LITTLE BROTHER!”


39 weeks pregnant exactly!


Anyway, at about 10:15 AM, Nick and I hopped into the car!  I had been very nervous the night before, and we had spent a good bit of time talking and praying so the morning of I felt very calm.  Nick and I passed the time once again trying to figure out what to name the baby!  We had a good short list for girls, but we weren’t certain about boy’s names, and we were fairly certain at the time that we were having a boy Smile.

We arrived at the hospital at about 10:45 AM and waited to be taken back into the Recovery Room by the nurse.  Our nurse was a girl named Shanna and she was very nice and super ditzy. We liked her though because she reminded us of a very good friend of ours.  Nick and I put on our hospital clothes and they had me lay down and hooked me up to an IV.  My Doctor came in to check on me, and I was able to meet the anesthesiologist.  It was nice how calm everyone and everything was, and I felt such peace.  There was a minor emergency in the OR before me, so we were delayed by a about 30 minutes.

Once we were ready, they took me into the OR while Nick waited in the Recovery Room.  Everyone was so nice and super chatty and making jokes.  Normally it would bother me, but my doctor is so nice and the nurse reminded me of my friend so well that I couldn’t help but laugh along.  It made for a nice atmosphere. The anesthesiologist set me up with “the spinal”, and after that Nick came in.  This time they did not strap down my arms, which had been necessary on my first c-section, but it really scared me.  This time they didn’t, and it turned out they didn’t need to since I was so much calmer and less out of it.

Before I knew it, my doctor had started my surgery!!!! 

It only took a few minutes until Dr Hamptons said “Ok baby is ready, Dad do you want to take a look?”  Nick peeked over and laughed and said “It’s a girl!!”  Those words were so sweet!  We had another beautiful daughter.

photo (96)

When Isla was born, they took her out of the room to prepare her and Nick went with her.  Gemma they took over to the left of the room to clean her up so that she was in my line of sight the entire time!  I am so glad that they did it this way.  Not only did I get to see my precious daughter and husband, but it gave me something to focus on for the hard part of the surgery, which is the stitching back up. It is the most uncomfortable part and also takes a long time.  This time I didn’t feel nearly as much tugging and pulling, hardly any actually, and I got to watch Nick and Gemma.  We were shocked when she only weighed 6 lbs 15 oz!  Isla was 7 lbs 12 oz so we weren’t expecting such a tiny little girl.

photo (97)

They brought her over to me so that we could be cheek to cheek.  Her skin was so soft.  I loved it.  Nick actually teared up… we were so happy over our daughter!  I love her little face and pursed lips in the picture below.

photo (98)

Before I knew it, Gemma and Nick left for the Recovery Room.  I only had a few minutes, and they finished me up and put a binder on my stomach.  Then it was my turn to head to the Recovery Room.

Part 2 coming soon…


  1. A) you are sooo precious. Your family is beautiful. Reading this made me so happy because you have a precious new baby girl, and because it all went so smoothly.

  2. YAY for girls!!! What a fun surprise!

    I am so glad that Gemma's (adorable name, by the way!!) birth was a much better experience for you. I'm praying for a quick and full recovery and smooth transition into a family of 4!

    Also, you are so beautiful! How are earth do you look this pretty when you are sooo pregnant?! I don't care what you say about those beautiful Russian women! You put 'em to shame! HA!

    Many blessings for your precious family!

  3. Your hair has gotten so long!! Lol
    Beautiful family! Can't wait to meet her :)

  4. Thank you all so much!!! My prayers were definitely answered and I love being the mother of two girls :).

    Elizabeth, thank you for you kind comments! When Isla was born I really wanted a good immediate-after birth picture, but after 30 hours of labor and then a c-section... oh, it was bad! Now that I can laugh at it, I will hunt it down and put it on the blog in the near future. This time I was determined to look ok in the after birth pictures so I actually did my hair for the first time since before Isla was born and did my make up. That's the only reason that I look halfway decent, but thank you thank you, your comment made my day!


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