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Friday, January 18, 2013

Lord its now…

This is a very important prayer request.

I know if you read my blog, you know about the Russian-American adoption ban… or I am sure that you have read about it in the news.

Everyone in the adoption community is devastated.  These are children lives that are being used as political pawns. Children who deserve a hope and a future.  Children who if they have any kind of special need, will live out there short, unhappy lives in an adult mental institution… and if they are healthy, will probably end up on the streets on drugs or involved in crime or prostitution.

As you can imagine the families committed to children or who were working toward bringing children home are even more devastated and uncertain.  In their hearts, they believe these children are THEIRS.  They love them as if they were their own.  Could you imagine if that were your child left far away with no hope and a future?

Today I am asking you to pray for one such family.  It’s a family that is working to bring Suzanne and Daphne HOME, although they are not far enough along in the process to be officially “matched” to the girls.


Its no coincidence that I included them in my Angel Tree fundraiser.  I have been in contact with this mama for several months, and she has the sweetest, kindest heart.  She summed up the situation on the treatment Eastern European and Russian children with special needs perfectly – “I can’t believe anyone would treat children like that.”

Yesterday I received this email from that mama -


Really needing your prayers.  My husband's faith is failing about
Daphne and Suzanne.  Everything going on in Russia is disheartening.
We aren't sure how to move forward.  Signing on with the adoption
agency portion, and losing out of $2,250 of initial costs, is scary.
He isn't comfortable taking donations or fundraising for something
that might not be able to go towards an actual adoption.  Please pray.
He's talking about adopting from Bulgaria or Latvia.   My heart is
with these girls!  [My husband] says maybe it's just to pray for them or help someone else raise the money.  He's praying someone in Russia adopt them.  I know it's possible, but highly unlikely.

Adoption is a gut wrenching, difficult process.  This is a wonderful family that has no other motives than to save the lives of two little girls.  One, my precious Suzanne who I have loved for a long time has been transferred.  I can promise you she doesn’t look like the above photo anymore.  Her head has been shaved, and she’s probably lost weight.  And Daphne, who I had never noticed before this, an older child that has not been transferred for some reason. No body ever seems to want the older children Sad smile, but this family does!  They are amazing.

Can you join me in praying for this family?

  • Please pray for them to receive wisdom and discernment from the LORD.  That they would know His will for them in the adoption process.
  • Please pray that by some miracle they would be allowed to adopt the children who have grown in their hearts – Suzanne and Daphne!  I don’t want to see the girls left behind either when they are so close to a family!
  • Pray that they would be in complete agreement as husband and wife when they do move forward.

And please pray for Russia in general -

  • Please, please continue to pray that the ban be lifted COMPLETELY.  Its barbaric.
  • Please continue to pray that the adoption culture in Russia GROWS.  That Russian begin adopting Russians, especially those with special needs.
  • Please pray that parents of children with special needs stop giving them up!  That they fight for their children's health and ability to be included in society.

You know, I know God’s heart is for the orphan and adoption is part of His plan to redeem the lives of the orphans. I know He wants us to care for the least of these.  I know that He never, ever promises us that obedience is easy!  Some things about Christianity are a bitter pill - it’s the truth, its not always supposed to be easy for us to understand nor are we always to expect perfect blessings.  The LORD has the ability to fix everything and make things happen so easily, and yet He so often doesn’t… Instead He invites us to trust Him, to pray and engage Him, to give Him the chance to prove that He is a mighty God… so that we can see and fully understand His glory.

I can promise you, I have tasted and SEEN that the LORD is GOOD!  His will will be done, and His glory will shine through this!

Please, please, pray with me for these children, Daphne and Suzanne, for the family that loves them, and for orphans all over Russia!  God does listen, and He does move on our behalf – your prayers do matter to Him.

“And everything you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” Matthew 21:22


  1. praying like crazy...what is your feeling on the ban being lifted? has this sort of thing been done before ?

  2. Patti - thank you, I will email you a few things!

    Justine - thank you for praying with me and sharing about Suzanne on your blog!

  3. Thanks Stori for advocating for my sister and her family, and most importantly Daphne and Suzanne.


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