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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Little Two-Baby Update

So… I am finally getting around to sharing about how our Doctor’s appointment in Moscow went.  Only two weeks late!

Before we even went into the appointment, we learned that Dr French would not be in Moscow that particular week so if we wanted a Doctor’s appointment we would have to meet with someone else… a different Doctor than that little meanie man?  Gee, let me think… um, ok, yes please, sign me up! That put me in good spirits, so I was very excited to be able to see a new Doctor.  I would never have asked to switch on my own, but this worked out very well.

My friend Margie, whose husband works with Nick in Novo was in Moscow and staying at the same hotel as us and she offered to watch Isla while we went to the Doctor.  That was such a huge help!  I normally don’t take people up on offers to help for free – I’m saddled with a little too much American independence, but I just couldn’t resist this one.  Isla is usually wild at the Doctor’s office.  She’s not misbehaving just very interested in everything that is going on, and she has such a hard time sitting still.  She is a little naughty in that she also always interrupts us so its hard to ask the Doctor questions or have a good conversation with the Doctor.  This makes figuring out the regular Doctor’s French accent even more difficult.

Anyway, we got to go the Doctor without Isla, just Nick and I… reminds me of the days when I was pregnant with… well Isla!  Nick was at every single one of her appointments.  This time he has only been able to make one of my appointments in the states, although he has been at all of the visits in Moscow.  Its so nice to have him with me supporting me, getting excited with me, and asking questions!

First let me tell you about the Doctor I met with, she is a Russia woman, and if you EVER have the choice between a Russian female OBGYN and a French male OBGYN – go with the former!  I had told my Doctor here in Novo to just pick whichever one, which is how I ended up with Dr French.  I told him I had had male OBs and female OBs – a male had delivered Isla and I LOVED him so I didn’t care.  But I should have specified nationality! 

My new Dr, a lady I like to call Doctor Babushka was soooo sweet.  I loved her.  She was so nice and personable, just like a Russian babushka, and instead of trying to communicate in English she relied on her interpreter.  That has been a huge source of frustration with Dr French because his accent is so thick, but refuses to use his nurse, who has excellent, perfect English.  Dr Babushka understands all English, but she is more comfortable letting her interpreter speak for her.

She fussed over me like a babushka.  She listened to me.  And then it came time for the ultrasound!!!

AND WOW!!!!!

She spend 45 minutes thoroughly examining Two Baby and showing us every little detail about Two Baby insides!  She explained everything she was doing, she even tested the blood oxygen levels to the brain to show us that Two Baby was so healthy!  Praise God.  I would praise God for Two Baby – healthy or not, but I am thankful that he or she isn’t showing any major health problems.  The Doctor also assured me that Two Baby was head down and the umbilical cord was in a good location. Smile

And she spent forever trying to get us a shot of Two Baby’s little face.  The umbilical cord was right in front of the mouth so it looks a little fuzzy in the pictures, and no matter how she manipulated things she couldn’t get it, but that’s ok.

photo 2

Nick and I were just in awe the entire time over how beautiful he or she is.  I cried, and Nick was so happy.  Little Two Baby is loved for sure!  I always laugh a little at my friends who are First Borns – they suffer from a case of what I like to call First Born Narcissism (its ok because I have my Baby Narcissisms too!), but every single one is sooo worried about whether or not they will love their second child as much as their first… and SHOCKER, when they actually give birth, they do love their second child just as much!  Since Nick and I are both the youngest in our families, we’ve never really had that fear since we never felt like we were loved less than our older siblings.

photo 3

I just love that little face!!!  We never did 4-D with Isla, and we wouldn’t have with Two Baby either if it wasn’t already part of the Doctor’s routine, but I am definitely doing it again if I get pregnant with a third.  It was so special.

When we got back to the hotel, Margie assured us that Isla was so good, which I knew she would be!  She’s only naughty for her Mama and Daddy – other than that, she is very charming Smile.  We had a lot of fun showing Isla the pictures of Two Baby (we have so many!), and she in turn has had a lot of fun Facetiming our parents and showing the pictures of the baby to them.

Two Baby better beware though!  Isla has taken to flipping through the ultrasound pictures, muttering angry sounding, unintelligible things at them and then banging her fists on them, Mussolini-style… we may have to watch this girl!

Although today I found her chattering happily at the pictures, and when I asked her to return to the table to finish her apple, she told me “I’m just talking to the brother in my belly and the baby in your belly.”  It was pretty cute, so I made sure to get pictures of it, and of course I let her talk longer.


By the way, when asked if she’s going to have a brother or a sister she will inform you that there is a “Brother in my belly and a sister in Mommy’s belly.” Very cute.

And we have some BIG DATES that are on the official schedule!

  • Last Doctor’s visit in Moscow to get clearance to fly to the USA – January 23rd.
  • Return trip to the USA – January 24th.
  • C-section – February 25th at noon!

As we get closer to my return date, I am going to post some prayer requests because I admit that I have some anxiety about not being able to travel for some reason and also the flight itself since it will be just Isla and me.

In general I am doing well.  Very little heartburn (YAY!), but still super hot feet – so hot in fact, that soaking them in the bucket of cold water by my bed hasn’t been helping.  It affects my sleep, but other than that, everything is good.  I have started getting more tired, a little more achy and a little more emotional, but that is to be expected.  I am just trying to take it easy and not push myself… at all, actually. Smile

Here are Isla and I before our church’s Christmas Eve service on Sunday – you can tell I am starting to get puffy!!!  She of course is as beautiful as always Smile.


Also, ONCE AGAIN, we still don’t have names picked out, and that is a huge source of stress for me.  I don’t want this baby to be 10 hours old and unnamed like Isla… so that’s a little selfish prayer request from me.  I am tempted to do a blog post on why its so hard for us, but then you would KNOW how crazy we are, instead of just probably assuming it!

I am looking forward to each milestone that brings me one step closer to meeting our newest little love!  Really, we are so blessed.

And one final unrelated picture that’s just for the grandparents – Nick took it of Isla and I love it!  He is much better at photography than I am.



  1. That last photo is so gorgeous! Looks professional.

    Glad you had a nicer experience at the doctor. They did a 3D on Calvin as well, we didn't ask for it, she just did it and we almost jumped out of our skin in surprise. I put that photo in a frame and it is with all his other cute baby photos.

    No names, huh? A list of contenders?

    You look great, by the way! I can't believe C day is Feb. 25! Time is flying. Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. Those 4D shots are pretty incredible!

    I have a short list - we don't have a short list that we both agree on... :/.

    Thanks for the complement, I feel pretty yucky looking! I am so glad its getting so close. I'm getting to the stage where I want the pregnancy to be over, in its good time of course and not early, but I'm just ready for D-day!


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