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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Update on my babies

I have a lot of updates I need to do… I have a lot of Reece’s Rainbow advocating I need to do… I have a lot of holiday preparation to do… and a lot of friends to write.  I am so blessed to have such a full life, I just wish I were better at managing my life!  Yes, I am a SAHM and I have a housekeeper and I still suck at it… don’t judge.

First, please be praying for my beautiful Mother.  While I was in the states, she completely shattered her heel, and she goes into surgery today.  The recovery is going to be long and will require several surgeries and probably a year before the swelling goes down. I’m praying for wisdom for the Doctors, a steady hand for the surgeon, supernatural healing for my mom, and also peace for her as she goes into surgery.  I love her a lot.

Mom and Isla

Now, onto the most important things in my life besides my husband – my little rascals.

Oh and what rascals they are!

Yes, even little Two Baby.

After experiencing infertility with Isla for so long, I will always be incredibly thankful for my pregnancies, but at the same time – I would not say that I just LOVE being pregnant.  Some women really do and I think that’s so cool.  My sister is one.  My penpal is another.  They just love it.  For me – its my means to a baby, and that’s it!

From week 23 until just last week, little Two Baby gave me the worst heartburn that I would venture to call severe acid reflux.  It got progressively worse to the point where last week, when I was leaving the US to return to Russia, everything, even water caused very painful burning.  I had to take medicine to be able to eat even bland foods without throwing up and even with medicine if anything was the tiniest bit spicy – up it came!

On the up side, my Doctor says I’m doing amazing with my weight gain!  She asked me “How is it you lost a pound over Thanksgiving?” I’ll tell you lady – the bulimic way… and it sucks.

I realized a long time ago I’d rather be fat than hungry. 

Thankfully things have really calmed down the past week, and today I haven’t taken any medication, and I even had chocolate after dinner!  Hooray.

Thank you little Two Baby for providing your mama with relief!

Here I am at almost 29 weeks.  I am 29 weeks and 2 days as I write this post.

Almost 29 weeks

I was all dolled up for Nick’s company Christmas party!  It was fun to get all dressed up and I used the opportunity to leverage my giant belly into the chance to wear a tight, tight dress.  I would never wear something that accentuated my belly when not pregnant but right now I figure what the heck!

What else to say about little Two Baby?  He or she is soooo active.  I LOVE it.  I think that this baby is way more active than Isla.  I love Two Baby so much! Still no hiccups – Isla never got them either, either that or I just don’t recognize them.

Ok, this “he or she” thing is getting annoying quickly, and I refuse to refer to Two Baby as “it”, so I am just going to call him or her “he” for the time being.

Everyone thinks Two Baby is a boy.  Everyone.  Everyone.  If you think it’s a girl, speak now or forever hold your peace – then if it’s a girl, you can have that wonderful feeling of being right when everyone else was wrong over something totally trivial.  Don’t you just love that feeling?

Back to Two Baby.  I think he might be transverse breach based on the location of the kicks I am feeling.  I am looking forward to figuring out exactly what position he is in at my next Doctor’s appointment in Moscow… which I am trying to schedule.  January 1 through 10th are holidays in Russia, so hopefully I can get in before the first.  We will see.  I am not looking forward to seeing Dr French… oh I so want to call him Dr Frog I dislike him so much!  But I will wait until after he is no longer my Doctor, call it a weird superstition, but I want to keep my thoughts toward him as positive as I can as long as my life and the life of my child are in his oompa loompa hands. Trying to remember grace, grace, grace.  Why is it so hard??? I just don’t want him to make me cry again. Or be rude to me again.

My next Doctor’s appointment in the states is at 36 weeks on February 4th, so I will head back a the week or so before that.  D-day will probably be February 25th via scheduled c-section. Just a little over two months away!

Now for my Little Frances.

Before two weeks ago, Isla spent several months going through the sweetest little phase.  She was such an angel.  I felt like we were connecting and bonding in new ways – in my head I would say to myself, “Wow, I really feel like I am finding my stride as a mother.” We went to dinner with friends who were so impressed with how well behaved and adorable she was. She was obedient, funny, loving… in short, she was a delight.

Then I made the mistake of telling my friend how good Isla was being and how easy this age was.  Then the very next day “BAM!”  The spirit of me as young child that must dwell inside her decided to reveal its naughty little spectral cabeza.  She has been soooo bad.  Even Nick thinks so.  I know part of it is the travel from the US to Russia and dealing with jetlag and tiredness, but its not all of it. She has been disobedient, stubborn, and determined to do what she wants, when she wants to do it. Oh and BOSSY!

Of course she’s happy – she is the happiest child, even when she’s naughty, so that’s the silver lining.

Anyway, we love her, all sugar and spice that she is, and she comes by it honest so I can hardly hold it against her. Smile

Talking - She has been so funny lately.  Nick and I just laugh and laugh at everything she says.  She speaks very well for 2 and 8 months, and makes very few “baby mistakes”.  Mostly its just funny to hear her say such grown up things in such a baby voice.

Sleep - We are trying to get her sleep patterns reestablished after coming back from the US.  I am not sure if she needs her nap or not anymore. Some days I think no, but then other days I think yes…

Favorite Toy - She is in love with a little Beanie Baby puppy dog my Uncle Ty gave her last year.  It seems to have replaced One and Two Baby in her heart!  One and Two Baby had a very long run.


Television - She’s loving television.  For someone who was not really allowed to watch TV in her first two years, except when we traveled or were about the travel, it is all she wants to do.  I limit it as best I can.  She watches nothing educational, in case you’re thinking I’m “mom of the year”.  We do enough educational activities together that I figure I’ll let it be fun time for her.

Play – She loves to rough house.  I used to blame on the fact that she plays with a lot of Russian, older boys, and her Dad who has always rough housed with her, but just today Vanya and Lyosha came over and she was too rough for even them!  She is very active.  This is right now probably the thing I worry the most about with her.  She’s rough, and we work on making her more gentle, especially with her affection.  It will come in handy with her new brother or sister, not to mention me, with my c-section recovery.  She still is not sure how to play with other kids since she doesn’t get any kind of consistent, playtime interaction with other kids because of our travel schedule.  Hopefully I can get her into a Mommy’s Day Out or something for the three months I will be in the states for the birth.  I think that would go a long way towards to teaching her how to interact with other children. I really fret about this, and it’s the biggest downside to living here in Russia as far as I am concerned.

We are getting back into Independent Playtime and she is transitioning back to it very well.

She is so active that getting a good picture of her is nigh on impossible these days!


Learning and Aptitude - We are still working on her letters, words, and numbers.  She doesn’t like studying numbers or words yet.  She loves her United States map puzzle, and she’s quite adept at putting it together and naming the states.  Its so good for her fine motor skills, which I have always worried about a little bit.  She is generally more interested in puzzles and problem solving toys and Legos than she is into dress up or “mothering” dolls.  I try to give her a wide assortment of toys to play with to see where she shows interests.  I have been reading a lot on childhood development and I want to make sure that she has access to “boy toys” to help her develop her spatial/mathematics/problem solving skills IF THAT’S WHAT SHE WANTS.  And for the most part, those are the toys she gravitates towards.  She does LOVE jewelry and putting bows in her hair.  Not wearing bows mind you, oh no, the second I put a cute bow to match her outfit in her hair, she rips it out, but she loves to get out all of her bows and put them in her hair, like this…

Precious Bow

Right after she put all of the bows in her hair she asked “Mommy, can I show Daddy how beautiful I am?”  Haha.  Of course.  Because she is.

Here’s some more Isla pictures.   Its been so fun celebrating Christmas now that she’s old enough to somewhat understand what’s going on.


She helped us decorate the tree!  She didn’t quite get the concept of “scattering” the ornaments .  For once, Nick was the one trying to get her to do things right, and for once I was not my usual anal self and told him to leave it.  She did it perfectly.Smile

Well done

We have been doing a lot of baking activities together since it’s the Christmas season.  Like her Mama, she’d rather eat the cookies, the dough, the decorations and not leave anything left over for anyone else.  Usually I have to cut baking short so that she doesn’t make herself sick.

YummoDecoratingMy CutieFavorite Dough

She does not love getting all bundled up for the Russian winter!

All Bundled Up

That’s about it for now.  Hopefully I will be updating my blog more in the weeks to come!

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