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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jordan Day 1: Relaxation by The Dead Sea

We flew to Jordan on a Sunday, and we had to get up really, really early.  I couldn’t help but snap this photo of our sleeping beauty before we left! 

Jordan Trip 050

We had to fly out of Krasnodar since it was the only way we could get to Jordan without overnighting in Moscow. It was a long day of travel. We left our apartment at 7 AM and we didn’t get into Jordan until 8 PM that evening (with 1 hour time change). We also decided to rent a car in Jordan and we also got a GPS unit to help us navigate! I am glad that we did… although it took us down some majorly shady streets at times.  We were a little on edge finding our hotel on the Dead Sea because there was so much road construction, but eventually we made it!

We slept in the next morning and went down to breakfast.  This was Nick’s breakfast – chocolate covered pancakes, chocolate croissant, and hot chocolate Smile.  I chose my husband well!


After breakfast we went and checked out our hotel – The Jordan Valley Marriott and Spa.  It was so nice!  It was the perfect place to relax with a playground for Isla and three pools, plus a fancy, schmancy Spa.  The best part is that for a good chunk of our stay we were able to use points!

As soon as Isla saw the pool, all she wanted to do was swim!  She loves to swim, and I wish that she had more opportunities to do so.  We don’t get to go that often in Russia; usually we swim only when we are in the states or on vacation.  I am really proud of how brave she is!

Jordan Trip 056

We started her out in her “boat” as she calls it, and she had so much fun going down the hotel’s waterslide all by herself!  I probably would have only taken her down with me because it was a fast, long slide, but Nick is the one who encouraged her to do it by herself, and I am so glad that he did.  He is much better at letting her new try things than I am.

Jordan Trip 058

I love this shot of Isla hamming it up for the camera!

Jordan Trip 061

She was really good about waiting her turn and giving the person before her time to get down the slide.  I don’t know how she did that so well!  Its not like she could see them once they left her point of view.

Jordan Trip 068

I took this shot from the top of the slide – you can see the pool and then the Dead Sea and Israel beyond that.

Jordan Trip 071


Jordan Trip 075Jordan Trip 081

After our pool time, we headed down to the beach to slather on some Dead Sea mud and float in the Dead Sea.  I thought Isla would love the mud, but she wasn’t really into it…

Jordan Trip 093

Nick took Isla in, and she spent about 30 seconds in the water before she started screaming to be let out!  I think her skin was a little bit too sensitive.  We took her out and thoroughly rinsed her off, but she still fussed the entire time we were by the sea!  It was passed nap time at this point, and she had had such a long, tiring day the day before.

Jordan Trip 100

I stayed with Isla on the beach while Nick got his turn to float!

Jordan Trip 102

AHHHH! The Dead Sea monster…

Jordan Trip 113

Just kidding, its only me. It was my turn for the beautifying mud! Didn’t really help…

Cue the waterworks again, Isla was NOT happy with me putting mud all over myself!

Jordan Trip 115

My turn to float!  It was so relaxing, my pregnant body could have used a little more time in that water, but it was time to get Isla out of there!

Jordan Trip 122

After floating in the sea, I had a facial and a pregnancy massage in the hotel’s spa.  It was the fanciest spa I have ever been too!  It is something I could definitely get used to.

While I got my spa on, Nick and Isla went and checked out the kids indoor play area since the playground was closed.


After that, it was bedtime, we were tired. It was the perfect introduction to Jordan, and the perfect follow up to a long day of travel!

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  1. Sounds like fun! The Dead Sea looks really cool. I had a pregnancy massage when I was pregnant and it was awesome. Completely worth it.


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