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Saturday, October 27, 2012

In Texas, My Home Sweet Home


I am sitting here in my parents new house in Magnolia, TX with a tummy full of Chic-Fil-A chicken biscuits, feeling happy, relaxed, joyful, Isla is out with her Pawpaw feeding Penelope the Pig, baby Fin is toddling all over the place, Cookie is going to make me chocolate pie... ahhh, so many good feelings!

This was the best, most easy trip I have ever taken with Isla.  Everything went completely right, unlike last time where I had something small go wrong every step of the way, which really added up by the time I got home, or the time before last when both Isla and I got sick and threw up on the the plane... this time was perfect!

Having Nick help me in Moscow made a world of difference... I don't know if I can go back to doing it without that extra help.  Everything went so well.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving these are a few things I am thankful for!

- Nick, for being such a HUGE help to me in Moscow, and helping me get through pre-security in Moscow.  I let him go without helping check-in because he had a taxi waiting and they hadn't opened the line yet... BUT
- As soon as they opened up the check-in counter, I was pretty far back in line, but the lady motioned me come over and cut in front of a bunch of people and check-in with Isla in the Business class line!
- No lines at customs and immigration and security!
- A place to sit down while waiting to get in the glass area where we board the plane.
- A lady who let me pre-board with the people in wheelchairs - that's before Business and First class!
- An almost empty flight!!! So Isla and I got an entire row to ourselves :).  There were even some rows still empty after everyone spread out.
- Isla, for peaking in being a difficult travel companion!  She played on the iPad almost the entire time... I tried to get her to play with me a little bit, but she only wanted the iPad.  I figured if she was happy... why push it???
- The workers at Bush Intercontinental airport for quickly bringing up the strollers and NOT forgetting about them and sending them along with the luggage to baggage claim! They have forgotten the strollers the last two times - that is a big airport to be carrying a toddler through, not to mention dealing with immigration while holding a tired, whiny toddler!

Literally the only thing that went a little bit wrong was having to wait forever in the immigration line in Houston (I am thinking about signing up for the preferred traveler program or whatever it is called)!  I'm not complaining because I was fine, but I got moved to a bad line, and while I was the NEXT person in line, I watched the snaked line disappear, the line I had just been moved from clear out and that kiosk be shut down, and the people two people behind me go and get in another line and get through immigration before me :).  There always has to be something!!!

Anyway, I hope that this trip goes much smoother than the last time and we don't spend 90% of the time sick.  To minimize that, I am taking a good week to rest and get over jetlag.  I always try to push it and go, go, go, but if I get sick, then I can't see anyone.  Plus, I've noticed with this pregnancy if I push it, I tend to get a lot of abdominal pains and cramping. I am also NOT going to go and drive all over Houston, and hopeful try to arrange for people to at least meet me half way or come visit me at my parents - seriously, you would be surprised by people! Even after flying half way across the world, some people still expect Nick and me to drive all over the gigantic Houston area, and refuse to come see us or meet us halfway, even though they say they really want to see us... whatever.  Not doing it this time! You want to see us, you come to us.

So that's it, we'll be in Houston for most of the next six weeks.  Nick's sister will be having her third little baby next week, so Nick's mom will stay with her for 6 weeks while she heals from her c-section, so we won't be spending that much time in Temple.  My mom and dad FINALLY finished their big house after living out on the Thistle Patch for 9 years so no more two bedroom, one bath garage apartment filled with my mom, dad, me, Nick, Isla plus any other grandchild or relative that happens to be in town!  I really want to do a post on the Thistle Patch so you can see where I live when I am in Texas - its where I was married and its one of my favorite places.

Nick flies in in two weeks, and then he goes onto Calgary for training.  I will join him for three days in the beautiful Canmore-Banff area, while Isla stays with my mom and dad.  I love Alberta, I had a friend in high school from there and was able to visit, plus one of my work projects when I worked was there so I traveled there quite a bit.  I look forward to spending some quiet time with Nick... its already a good trip as far as I am concerned because we used points for my flights and our hotel (I know I am like a broken record but I LOVE free stuff and deals!!!).

Farewell folks, I am going to get dressed and then take a nap!  I will be spending the next few days resting and catching up on email.  Also, I made a comment about Mt Email in my post a few days ago, which in restrespect may have come across as a please to stop emailing me, it wasn't! I LOVE getting email, please don't stop adding to Mt Email!!!

Signing off!


  1. welcome home! Good for you for having some relaxation time!!

  2. So glad everything went well. I am glad that the iPad kept Isla happy. Isn't it nice when people are nice to parents flying with kids? Enjoy your time in Texas and then you time in Calgary with just Nick! How nice to have some alone (ish) time!


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