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Monday, October 15, 2012

Checking In…

Oh folks. Phew. I am busy.

We are back from Jordan and Moscow!  We got back last Wednesday, but we have had a whirlwind past several days, and I have been so busy.  We had a VIP from Nick’s company fly in and I spent Thursday with some of the ladies showing his wife around, which was fun, and we have had several things happen since then…  And I have a whirlwind next week or so because Isla and I leave to fly back to the US next Thursday and I have a To-Do list that feels a mile long…


  • Take care of some Reece’s Rainbow blogging business, which includes letting you know what’s going to happen with Angel Tree this year!
  • Finish blogging about Turkey (2 posts)
  • Blog about Jordan (5 posts)
  • Get the house in order, namely my computer “spot” and under the desk basket, and the balcony, and finish reorganizing the closet which will just quickly get disorganized again anyway!
  • Respond to countless emails
  • Get together with and say good-bye to friends for 6 weeks

Ok, so it doesn’t look like that much when I list it out, but it sure feels like a lot.  Especially the blogging, because it takes me forever to write these posts, but I really want to get it done.

Quick Two Baby update:

We had the BIG ultrasound in Moscow and everything looks very healthy and good!  I don’t have any funny stories this time… sorry :-/.  The Doctor did get mad because my Doctor in the states had not sent my records even though they had assured me that they had, so Dr French was kind of mad and made me cry.  Nick thought that maybe he wasn’t mad, he was just being French?  Who knows? I don’t feel like he worked very hard to get us a good shot of Two Baby, BUT the important thing is that he did my u/s, and everything is as it should be!

We still don’t know the gender Smile.

photo (68)


Still the cutest thing on two legs that I have ever seen!  Here are a couple of shots of her at lunch time a couple of weeks ago.  She is starting to LOVE hamming it up for the camera, and she is such a happy girl Smile.

Jordan Trip 004

Jordan Trip 005

Jordan Trip 006

Other random news:

Last night Nick and I were sitting on the couch talking after Isla went to bed, and we heard a couple of pops and smoke started coming out of our dish washer!!!  It took out our entire kitchen’s electrical line, and so I am waiting for the repair man.  Thankfully Nick got the fridge hooked up to an outlet via an extension cord so our food is still good, but everything else kitchen related is out is out!

It also means I have to do all dishes BY HAND.  I am so spoiled, but I really hate it when my fingers get all prune-y.  BUT I don’t have to cook, since I can’t so there’s a silver lining!  I am going to try to finagle a trip to my favorite restaurant tonight Smile.

Ok, Isla is done with Independent Playtime and is calling for me!  Ahhh, gotta go, and I am praying that I get some time to blog about RR today.  It will be either today or tomorrow, I promise.  If you are my Facebook friend, please consider going and checking my status from yesterday and VOTING for RR to win a $50k grant!!! PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.

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  1. Isla is so cute! How old is she? She looks like my daughter's age (but Isla has more hair:)).


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