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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Easy Way to Help…

This is my big Reece’s Rainbow post for the month of October.  My goal is to get this out there, finish blogging about personal family things, and then most of November and December this blog is going to be devoted to Angel Tree!

First of all… I am saying good-bye to my Kai-man!  I had planned to make him my Reece’s Rainbow Angel again this year, but I went to claim him 5 days after RR opened up the Angel Tree for people to choose and someone had already snatched him up!  I don’t blame whoever it was, he is seriously the cutest kid on the Angel Tree!


I am a little sad, but its ok though.  His account is up to $7500, and he obviously has a warrior who loves him if she or he claimed him that soon! I KNOW a family will be coming for him.

But before I let Kai go, I have to do one thing for him!

Kai has been given the opportunity, along with 9 other Reece’s Rainbow children to win a $5000 grant!  That’s $50,000 for Reece’s Rainbow use to help out the cost of their adoptions.

The only thing that Reece’s Rainbow has to do is win a contest to get the most votes!  That’s it!  And they are winning, but just barely… and I am afraid that they will lose. And Kai will have lost the easiest $5000 grant EVER.  It would be one thing if the people voting for the #2 group really believed in the work that that group was doing, but believe it or not, there is an entire group of anti-adoption people who would love nothing more than to see Reece’s Rainbow lose that grant!  So they have banned together to keep Reece’s Rainbow from winning.

My mind cannot comprehend such hatred and desire to see children kept in abusive situations.  You would not believe some of the hateful comments that the families adopting Reece’s Rainbow babies have received!  Some are nasty out of a genuine belief that it is better for children to stay in their host countries or that they will be abused by their adopting families, but some just hate children with special needs.  There have even been people who have posted pictures of Reece’s Rainbow babies making fun of them on Facebook! I just don’t understand this world sometimes.

Anyway, if you have a Facebook account, PLEASE GO TO THE LINK BELOW and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!  You can vote everyday until the polls close in two weeks.


I am begging!  It’s a free way to help and will help Kai’s future family get that much closer to bringing him home.

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  1. Thank you for letting us know the need. I have told everyone who will listen to go vote for them!


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