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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Treasure of Darkness

“And I will give you the treasures of darkness

Riches stored in secret places…

So that you may know that I am the Lord

The God of Israel

Who calls you by your name.”

Isaiah 45:3

Meet Heath.


This is not a post asking you to donate money.  I don’t want you to donate one red cent today.  I just want to share with you what’s on my heart and share with you about one special little boy.

I have been praying and donating what I could to Heath for a year now, but I have never shared him with you.  There have been times when I have tried, but the words to adequately express how I feel about him have never really come, and I am praying with all my might right now that they will.

Heath is 11 years old, and he lives in a Level 4 mental institute in Eastern Europe. He is there because he has down syndrome, certainly not because he is mentally insane, which I used to think was the prerequisite for entrance to those kinds of places.

My friend Julia, adopted her son Aaron from the same institute.  Sweet Aaron is a cognitively normal little boy with Arthrogryposis, a disorder that affects his joints, who was sent there when he was only four or five.  I first starting following Julia’s blog when I read this post last October about life in Aaron and Heath’s mental institution.

Please go HERE and read it. If you have a heart, it will surely break.

On Heath’s best days, when its sunny outside, he gets to go outside and sit in the dirt and maybe play with a string. Those are his best days.

On days when its rainy or snowy or overcast, which is frequent on this side of the world, he sits inside all day.  He sits in one room with 20 or so other little boys, ages 5 to 18. Whatever condition the boys were in when they arrived at the institution, the years of no stimulation, or toys, or love, or therapy have taken their toll.  He sits in a smelly room with high windows that he cannot see out of and watches and listens to the others as they self soothe themselves through rocking or moaning or self mutilation.

This has been Heath’s reality for years now.  And it has left its mark.

So often I am drawn to children on Reece’s Rainbow that I see so much potential in.  Potential to do more, to be more!  To learn to read, to write, to draw, to maybe work at a job someday and sometimes, sometimes I  just see the ability to run and play. I dream about their after picture!  But…  I don’t see that in Heath.

But don’t mistake me.  I do see something in him.


I see that the Father loves him.  The Father loves him so much, and Heath’s story isn’t over yet.  It can’t be over yet.  He will not be forsaken.

  • Why of all the other little Lost Boys at his institute is he one of the few ever to be listed for adoption?
  • Why do so many people see him and fall in love with him?
  • Why after only 2 years of being listed on Reece’s Rainbow is Heath now fully funded?

That’s right, friends.  Heath is fully funded, the only thing he needs now is a family.

I have been praying for Heath’s family.  In my mind, I see them.  It is a family with the ability to love a child with no thought for personal gratification.  A family that has the ability the love a child just the way they are. To patiently nurture them and give to them without ever worrying or caring if the child will ever give them love or anything at all in return.

Yes, there are people and families like that. Families who love so extravagantly that only the Father’s love rivals it!

But again, don’t mistake me. I don’t think Heath is one of those children.  The ones who cannot love back.  Even if I cannot look at Heath and know if he will be ever be able to walk or run or play or read or write… when I look at him, I see a different kind of potential.  The potential for GREAT LOVE. I know he will teach whoever is lucky enough to be his mother and father about PERFECT LOVE. That is, agape love. The Father’s love, and how deep it is.

Heath is a treasure hidden away in darkness, just waiting to be discovered!

Today I am not asking for money because Heath doesn’t need it.  Today, I am asking for two things -

  1. The first is that would you please share about Heath?  Share that he is fully funded, and now all he needs is a family!  And ask yourself, could you be that family?
  2. And secondly, I beg you to pray.  Prayer matters and God listens.  Pray that his family would come for him, and soon.  Pray that he doesn’t need to spend one day longer in that miserable institute than he needs to!  I so want to see him out.

Heath is not forsaken, and he will be set free.  Please help us and become a part of his story.

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  1. Thank you for posting about Heath. We've been praying he finds a family. I was excited to see a post on him! It's amazing he's fully funded.


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