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Monday, September 3, 2012

Da Beach

Finally!  My last post on Thailand Smile, and then I can finally move onto Istanbul and Turkey – specifically meeting my heroes and Ephesus, both which were ah-mazing!

There’s not a lot to say about the beach!  At first Isla hated the beach.  In fact, after our first attempt to get her to play at the beach resulted in her saying, what we both swear sounded like “Isla hate beach.”

We haven’t heard her say she hates anything since…

Eventually we bought her a little boat floaty and she grew to love the beach and floating in her “boat”!  Here are some pics of our time.

Isla chasing her daddy, you can’t tell from the picture but she was fussing for him, and I thought it was pretty cute.


Finally, she catches up to him!


The beautiful beach!




Isla and Nick had a lot of fun burying each other in the sand.


And less fun getting out of the sand!


This day was too precious.  She was so tired from the beach that she fell asleep right after her bath. Nick laid her on the bed and she was out!


That’s it!  Thailand was the best vacation we have ever had and I really hope that we can go back some day!

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