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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Well, it has been a while since I have done one of these, but its time I got back in the habit for a little while.

****Please consider giving to the Brook and Wetherington familys’ adoption funds.  Please help them bring their children home!!!

You can read more about it HERE.

I will share more about them this week, but this is a multipurpose blog, and so I will be including some things from our personal lives this week too!****

Two Baby’s Tuesday Tidbits

  • Everything is going along very well.  I am so grateful for how little nausea I have had.  Seriously, it has been amazing.  Sometimes my stomach gets a little sour in the evenings, but that is it!
  • We are trying to get my Doctor’s visits in Moscow arranged.  Its kind of stressful.
  • I need to take a picture, but I am just feeling so chubby, and kind of ugly.  I am so much bigger this time.
  • I think part of the reason that I have had such an easy time with nausea is that I have just been eating whatever my stomach demanded – for example, I usually have fruit or a fruit smoothie for breakfast, but one sip or bite of that in the mornings would turn my stomach.  However, pancakes and sugary cereal settled very well, so that’s what I ate Smile.  Basically I have been eating a lot of starchy foods – baked potatoes for lunch, white pasta for dinner, oh my and I have been CRAVING meat.
  • Now I am transitioning back to our (semi) “nutritarian” lifestyle.  We are back to our smoothies or fruit for breakfast, and I am slowly getting our dinners and lunches back to normal.  Starting with cutting out white pasta and moving back to a more vegetable based dinner!  One thing that I am having a hard time introducing back in is salads, Nick and I both got sick on salad in the states, so its been hard.
  • I only gained 25 lbs with Isla’s pregnancy and by 17 weeks, I had only gained 2 lbs.  I had already gained 4 lbs by 9 weeks with Two Baby, so its not looking good for weight gain. However, I am hoping that if I am careful, I can keep my weight gain to a healthy amount (under 35 lbs).  But if I’m hungry – I’m eatin’!

And today, and only today – a special Dowton Abbey Tuesday Tidbits.  Please don’t read this if you haven’t seen the series, there will be ***SPOILERS!***

downton abbey

  • So obviously I like the show since I am taking the time to blog about it, but I have several complaints and rants – I almost gave up on the series after the Season 1 season finale.  I have done that before with a very good series, namely Mad Men because it was just so dang depressing.  DA didn’t give you ANYTHING.  Seriously, the baby dies. Mary and Matthew split up. Gwen leaves (at least she went onto bigger and better shows – YOU KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW!). Thomas doesn’t even get fired.  Put it down on the top 10 BUMMERs of season finales of all time.
  • I only continued because I had already bought Season 2 on iTunes, and I had Nick’s encouragement. I have the Season 2 season finale (Christmas Special) to watch tonight and it had better be more  hopeful than Season 1s or I’ll…
  • And Season 2 was good, but is it just me, or did it just kind of fall apart in the last few episodes?  Storylines I could have done without – Patrick Gordon, Sybil falling in love with and marrying the Marxist (gross – yeah, I would definitely called the death of 5 innocent children too high a price to pay – but then again I am not a socialist or a communist), the deus ex machina that was Lavinia’s death from the Spanish flu – seriously, she’s the only one that dies in the house of an outbreak that killed at least 3% of the world population!!!, Lord Grantham’s little fling with the housemaid, Edith’s fling with the married farmer…
  • I dislike Isobel very much – seriously… who does she think she is?  When was her running Downton Abbey ever an option?  Who ever gave her the idea that she had the right to turn DA, someone’s private home, into a public house?
  • I just have to say it again, Sybil is such an idiot.
  • Thank goodness Maggie Smith is a Dame, that’s all I have to say. She so cool, and such a great actress, unlike a certain Dame Judy Dench – most overrated actress ever.  She has three faces – steely eyed mean, steely eyed smile, and steely eyed expressionless.  Hardly requires acting.
  • I liked the whole Mary engaged to Sir Richard angle, very interesting, as well as Miss O’Brien’s attempts to redeem herself. I also liked it when Moseley got drunk.
  • Storylines I’m meh on – the redheaded housemaid and her baby, Thomas’ attempts to get back into the house and his whole black market thing – they could have done something interesting with that. And Bates’ murder trial.
  • ****UPDATE**** I have watched the Season Finale… not too bad.  Matthew “coming around” felt a little bit awkward, but I’ll let it pass. Arg, Thomas is such a spider.  FINAL VERDICT: I will continue to watch the show next season.

That’s it for this Tuesday!  There’s more going on, but I don’t have the pictures with me, so maybe I will get that up later.


  1. ohh yes! a downton abbey update. I LOVE it, but have some of the same issues, mainly the lord grantham thing REALLY bugged me because I loved him so much before...the fact that Isis (what an awesome name!) got free reign of house and his general love and respect for downton were 2 of my favorite characteristics. But I think thats why we watch the show, to be frustrated and excited and in suspense. I like sybill and while I also think the driver was a poor choice, I'm interested to see where that goes... Melissa and I had some pretty significant debate as to whether Edith or Mary was more deplorable in season 1... I'd love to hear you weigh in :) I'm glad you stuck with it... I still watch mad men, but i don't think you're missing much!

  2. I love the name Isis too! On the Edith and Mary thing, while I like Edith more and think she's the more sympathetic character, I cannot believe that she outed Mary to all of London society! She brought disgrace onto her whole family. Although I can see the argument for Mary because while all Edith did was tell the truth, Mary out right lied and hurt poor Anthony's feelings, and he was such a nice (if boring) guy. But I think what Edith did was worse. Mary has grown on me, but she can still be such a snit. It especially made me mad when she was mean to sweet Carson, and then didn't even apologize! In fact, when he was sick in bed, she was like "You did disappoint me," not I'm sorry I was so hateful when you said you wouldn't come with me because I marrying a spy master!


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