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Friday, August 31, 2012

Prep Work for Baby #2

Or lack thereof…

I know that first babies take a lot more prep work than second babies, but I feel kind of bad for little 2 Baby because we have to do almost nothing to prepare for him or her. However in honor of 2 Baby and how much he or she means to us, I will document what little we have to do on the blog.

It does help that we live in a two bedroom apartment and they will be room sharing, regardless of whether or not 2 Baby is a boy or girl!  And also the fact that we didn’t know if Isla would be a boy or girl so almost all of her stuff is green and/or unisex.

If you’ve forgotten what our apartment looks like, I posted pictures of it HERE, and then we updated Isla’s room and the living room HERE.

2 Baby will be sleeping in our room until he or she starts sleeping through the night and we drop the dream feed.  We plan to do the Babywise Method this time (drop the DF early, stay on the 3 hour routine until 6 months) versus the Baby Whisperer Method (which what we did with Isla, DF until 8 month, move to 4 hour routine at 4 months), so I am hoping that by 3 to 4 months, 2 Baby will be room sharing with Isla.  We’ll just have to see.  Isla started sleeping through night (12 hours) at about 3 1/2 month and we dropped her DF at about 4 1/2 to 5 months.  Isla was actually late sleeping through the night for a Babywise baby because we didn’t do cry-it-out with her, and we don’t plan to do CIO with this baby either… but hopefully by 4 months 2 Baby will be STTN!  I’m hopeful at least…

Anyway, we actually moved my glider into our room about 4 or 5 months ago because it just got too much damage being in Isla’s room.  Kids would jump on it, and during Isla’s birthday party more than one child spilled melted ice cream on it! And yes, I do greatly regret spending so much money on a WHITE GLIDER (I had major pregnancy brain when I ordered it and freaked out when it actually came in), but at least it perfectly matches our room…

photo (36)

The crib will go across from it here.

photo (40)

I plan on getting a changing table to go on the other side of the TV here.  It will probably be this one from IKEA. Isla has been preparing for a little brother or sister with her baby doll and the Nap Nanny Smile.

photo (35)

As soon as I found out I was pregnant we bought this bed from where else…? IKEA since we knew we would have to move Isla soon anyway and she was getting to big for her converted crib.  We call it her “Pretty, Princess Bed” since her converted crib was her “Big Girl Bed”.

photo (38)

We set it up after we got back from the states last month, and just let her pick each night where she wanted to sleep.  After a couple of nights and naps in her “Big Girl Bed”, she chose her “Pretty, Princess Bed” and has slept there happily ever since.  She also sleeps much better since she has more room and room for her entourage. 

I really want to put something on the wall by her bed, but every time I mention it to Nick he gives me a horrified look and reminds me that we live in a “seismic area”… Anyway, we have finally set up the shelf above her dresser, and put up some pictures there.  We also having pictures of both Isla and 2 Baby at 9 weeks 2 days and 9 weeks 3 days gestation respectively.Smile

photo (39)

Right now the crib is right here until we move it into our room.  I will probably rearrange the room before we move the baby in here.

photo (37)

Anyway, I know the room is a little girly, but most of the accents are green and I think it will be fine for a baby boy if I add more blue.  I don’t even need to buy a new crib sheet since I have so many green ones since we didn’t know what Isla would be!  I will buy a blue crib sheet though when we move the baby into Isla’s room if it’s a boy. My diaper bag and gear are all unisex too.  I am so thankful at how well everything will come together, even the things that need to go in our room since most of them are green and white and our room is green, brown, and white.  Its funny how it all worked out soooo perfectlyWinking smile

This is my list of things to buy:

  • Blue crib sheet (if boy) for when they share a room, but nothing if it’s a girl!
  • Changing table mentioned above
  • A special blanket like Isla’s “night night”
  • Some clothes
  • I will probably get the baby a crib soother like this one.  I have one for Isla, but she still loves her and loves to turn on “Nemo” for a nightlight before she goes to bed.
  • Probably a new stroller… darn!

That is literally all that I can think of since I don’t need to buy toys or gear or anything!  Its kind of nice to have so little stress and prep work. Smile Especially since I have a very active 2 year old who needs so much of my time and attention!


  1. Love what you have done with your apartment! It looks really nice. I think that with the blue sheets plus the green accents, it will look great for a boy.

    I love the Ikea kids and baby stuff. The princess bed is especially cute!

    Quick question: when did you move Isla to her toddler bed?

  2. Oh, PS! Are you going to find out what you are having or be surprised?

  3. Meg, IKEA is the way to go for kid's furniture! They have very cute, sturdy things and it is very well priced. We moved Isla to her toddler bed this January when she was 21 months and started climbing out of her crib. I wish her crib was deeper because I would have happily kept her in there until kindergarten! Its on the blog here if you want to read it - http://storilayne.blogspot.com/2012/01/big-girl-isla.html.

    Whether or not we are finding out the sex of the baby is the million dollar question right now. I loved waiting with Isla, but the truth is, now that I have a girl, I want a boy. I have always wanted both. Nick doesn't want to find out - he says he has one incredible daughter, and he would be so happy to have two! He loves the surprise. I do know that I would be so happy either way... but there's that little part of me that wants to know since I would like a boy! Anyway, we are figuring it out...


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