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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On my knees…


I originally wrote this post advocating for two little boys, and I scheduled it to publish tonight.  Only hours later, I received word that sweet little Walden has passed away.

His family was coming for him in just 9 days.

I am heartbroken, truly.

His family still plans to go and pursue a blind referral, even though they are devastated.

Please help them go!

And please help Ryder’s family make it to him before its too late!

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


The other day I received an email from Andrea Roberts – the Director of Reece’s Rainbow with an urgent need!

Two little boys have families.  Two children, two treasures have families!

Meet Ryder


And Walden


Aren’t they so sweet?

These families long for them and cannot wait to go and get them.

The families were blessed to have all of their paperwork moved through and approved at lightning speed!

BLESSING, right?

Sometimes its not such a blessing.  These families received a court date of September 3rd – less than 2 weeks away – and didn’t have enough funds to make the trip!!! They just did not have time to fundraise.

So now we have two treasures whose families want them, who have been approved, but who cannot go and get them! 

Can you imagine how terrible it will be if they don’t show up for court?  These little boys will be lost.  They will have lost their chance at a family – possibly forever!

This is all about Ryder and Walden.

They don’t have time for fundraisers.  They just don’t have time!!!

Recently Nick and I came across Luke 6:30

Give to whoever asks of you! ~JESUS

And we have been trying to live it!  Sometimes we can give a lot, sometimes we can give a little, but we always give. You would not the believe that blessings that have been poured out on us since then. Its scary to obey God, but it is ALWAYS worth it!  I promise.

And now I am asking you, NO, BEGGING YOU, on my knees for real!  For the sake of these two little boys. Please consider giving what you can.  Anything is great, a lot is good too!

You can give to Ryder HERE and Walden HERE.

Thank you.  I really don’t want to come across as naggy or sanctimonious.  I just really want those boys home with love and real medical care – the needs of these children are urgent, and I do not want them left in bed for the rest of their lives.

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