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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meet Miss Haleigh :)

DId you see???

A new beautiful little girl has been referred to the Brook family.  I know that their hearts are broken over sweet Walden, but as I have been following the adoption community, I’ve learned that seldom are these adoptions straightforward.  In almost every single one, the families trust God to give them just enough grace to get through each step.

But we rejoice because Walden is with the Father, and sweet Haleigh will now know what it is like to have a family on this side of heaven!

Isn’t she just the cutest little muffin??? 20825024809-2-300x277

Please don’t let her get left behind!  Please, please consider donating to help with her adoption expenses HERE!

And remember, for the time being, you donation will be DOUBLED!  All the donations up to $6732 will be matched Smile, to the tune of $2000.  If the Brook family can just get to $6732, between the matching grant and other funds that they have, they will be able to travel!!!

And don’t forget about sweet Ryder.


His family needs even more help to be able to travel!  Please donate to help them meet their travel needs HERE!

Their fund must get all the way up to $7800 for them to be able to travel!  They have also received a $4500 matching grant to help them with their adoption expenses, but they have so little time and still so far to go. Sad smile

And I just wanted to leave you with a little something… some news on my favorite sweet Katie-bird!

Here she is before, 9 years old, and under 15 lbs (I think it was 10 or 11 lbs, but I can’t remember), sentenced to a brief life spent almost entirely in her crib simply because she was born with an extra chromosome.  That’s it, there was nothing else “wrong” with her.  This is Katie in NOVEMBER!

katie before

Now look at sweet Katie-bird, less than a year later!

katie bird now

Here she is, safe in her Daddy’s arms!  She is treasured and loved.

katie bird

And guess what??? She is getting a NEW BROTHER!  Meet Tommy, he is 15 years old.  Who would have guessed, he’s so little?


You can follow their story HERE, at the Blessing of Verity.  I am rejoicing that Tommy will be set free, and going to the best family!

Adoption saves lives.  Plain and simple.  Ryder and Haleigh are still so little.  Let’s save them now, and spare them years outside of their parents’ loving care.  Katie’s transformation is pretty incredible, but I truly pray and hope that from this day forward, no child will have a need for a such a remarkable transformation.

“Sometimes I would like to ask God why he allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world, when He could do something about it . . . but I'm afraid He may ask me the same question.”  Anonymous

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