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Friday, August 24, 2012

Isla’s Easter

So this post is only about 4 months late, but whatevs…  I was reviewing some of our older trips and I am so thankful that I did take the time to blog about them.  I had such fun reading about them again, and it really is worth the time and effort.  So I am going to make a big effort to finish up Thailand, which should only be about 2 posts, and then get onto Istanbul!

As I have mentioned, the Russian Orthodox celebrated Easter on Isla’s birthday this year, but in the US, we celebrated Easter on April 8th, one week before, while we were at the resort in Thailand.  Because it was a very kid friendly resort, they had all kinds of Easter activities for the kids planned, and Isla was just old enough to participate in them!  The staff was extra sweet to her too, since she was so little and let her get away with quite a bit and kept giving her prizes that she didn’t actually win.

In the morning we signed Isla up for Easter Egg decorating.  I think we were supposed to dress up the egg like a chicken or a mouse or something.  It didn’t really look like anything in particular.

I sent Nick in to supervise Smile.

A supervising DaddyC Supervising Daddy

Uh oh, Daddy!  Get your game face on! Here’s hoping that Thai paint wasn’t toxic…

D Uh oh!

Eventually they got the hang of it!

E now we get itF painting

I think Isla really enjoyed herself.

G I love it

Nick and Isla also made a little friend.  Nick is so great with kids.

H new friend

It helps that he’s not afraid to act like a total dork with them! Smile

I so cute

He’s also not afraid to act like a total dork with me!

J the sad clown

After we decorated the egg, it was time to go and hunt for some eggs!

K it starts

I’m not sure if Isla really got the hang of it and got dominated by the older kids, but there were enough eggs that she still managed to get quite a few.  The staff was so sweet and kept trying to help her get one of the few “golden eggs” that they had planted.  She missed the first one just barely, but with the help of the staff, she managed to get another one nearby!

L egg hunterM Isla and her bountyN wave to Daddy

She did frequently get distracted and wanted to just play on the equipment!

O distractions

After the Easter Egg hunt, Isla turned in her golden egg for a free ice cream, and then it was time for the festival with games to begin.

She was really too little for most of the games, but the staff let her play anyway, and let her cheat shamelessly.  They were really sweet to her!  She is pretty adorable though so I can’t blame them.


There was this weird little mushroom tent that she went and hid in!  It was pretty hot that day so she probably wanted shade.  I had her in her sweater because she was so burned on her arms that I wanted to protect them for as long as possible!  As I’ve said before, my little girl is so fair.


Playing an egg toss game.  They basically let her place the egg in the bowls of water Smile.


A fishing game.


We finally took off her sweater, look at those red little arms!


Afterwards, we took our spoil and headed back to the room!  It was late afternoon at this point, so we had managed to spend an entire day just for Isla.  She is always such a good sport, that we were happy to focus just on her that day!


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