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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back at Home Sweet Russia

Hi everyone,

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on Two Baby or W2 – we don’t have an official nick name for this baby yet.  I truly mean it when I say that I feel like we don’t deserve this blessing, and we are so thankful. 

Before we conceived Isla, which took FOREVER, when we prayed and asked God for a baby – we could always fool ourselves, and thought we could fool God into believing we would be the perfect parents.  We have been trying for this baby for a year. This time when we took our petition before Him, I at least, was completely humble, and it was hard to boldly ask for what our hearts longed for, knowing how flawed I am as a parent.  But God is generous, and kind, and has given us a blessing that we won’t take for granted.

So now just a quick recap on the pregnancy to date, and then a quick recap of our trips to and from Russia. – By quick I meant Stori-quick, which not very quick at all…


So far, my pregnancy with Two Baby is progressing so similarly to Isla’s with one exception.  With Isla, around week 6 or 7, before we announced the pregnancy I experienced very bad migraines.  I suffer from migraines, and there was a fear that I would have them all through the pregnancy.  Thankfully that was not the case with Isla, and once the nausea set in, the migraines stopped.

With Two Baby, the same migraine popped up during week 6.  Only it didn’t go away.  It started on Thursday, July the 5th and lasted until Sunday morning, when all of a sudden I started vomiting uncontrollably.  It was really bad, and I went to the Emergency Room for the first time in my life.  The Doctor couldn’t give me migraine medication because of the pregnancy, but he did give me anti-nausea medication and knocked me out for over 24 hours to “reset” the migraine.  Thankfully it worked, but I spent the rest of the following week feeling swimmy headed and on the verge of a migraine at any minute.  It was disappointing because it really cut into my time for seeing friends and family, but after a week and a half or so I was back to normal and I have felt great ever since. How wonderful is it that it happened while I was at my mom’s house though?  God really is so good, and I was able to be sick without worrying if Isla was being taken care of or of having to take care of her myself.  My mom is the best!

I have had about the same amount of nausea and upchucking (there’s just no nice way to say it) as I did with Isla – which is thankfully not a lot and I was and am able to be almost completely functional.  Weeks 10 through 15 were the worst though, so I am getting a little nervous, but I know I’ll be fine.  I stocked up on Preggie Pop Drops in the states, and those things really do help, although I am afraid I am giving myself terrible cavities from having the constant sugar by my teeth!

Trip to and from Russia

Ok y’all.  I am officially DONE with Domodedovo (DME) Airport – direct flight to Houston or NOT.  I just can’t take it, and with traveling with two kids possibly by myself making travel harder, we need to explore other options.  They might not be better, but we are going to try them.  Our current plan to try to fly through Sheremetyevo to London, overnight in London, and take a flight from London to Houston first. 

Seriously, DME is crowded and chaotic, people are rude, unhelpful, mean, its inefficiently run, there is no stroller delivery at the gate, and even WORSE, there is no ramp or elevator at the gate when you get off the plane, only stairs.   That works really well when you have to carry a baby and possible carry-ons. There’s no place to put a toddler down without them running into peril, and rarely are there enough seats for you to sit down when you are waiting for your flight.  Its one saving grace used to be an abundance of carts available when you pick up your luggage.  Now there are almost no carts to be had, and you have to wait in a line forever for carts.  This time I politely asked for two carts from the guy who delivers them two to six or so at a time, only to have some jerk behind me, cut in front of me, rip the cart from my hands, scream at me for asking for two carts, and continue to shout profanities at me in Russian as he walked away WITH MY CART. Arg.

There’s also the overnight in Moscow on the way to Houston.  You have to spend the night in Moscow, but there are no airport hotels with a shuttle, so we have to drive 3+ hours in Moscow traffic to a hotel, when we are already exhausted.  Add to that, a hundred other little things that go wrong, and I am just finished.  FINISHED with this route.

The trip to Houston was about as bad as always but there is one funny thing that happened.  I sent Nick to the store the night before we left to get some snacks for Isla for the plane, and I asked him to pick up raisins.  However, the labels are in Russian, and he picked up PRUNES instead.  The next day when we got on the flight to Houston, I asked Isla if she wanted raisins, and I absentmindedly opened the bag of what I thought were raisins and handed them to her.  Well, she was halfway through the bag before I realized what she was eating! Oh my, I changed her diaper no less than 6 times on that plane, and THANK GOODNESS I put her in diapers, because I had been considering going diaper free.  The poor man in the aisle seat must have been so sick of me asking to get out to the bathroom, not to mention the smells…

Our trip back was much better.  Nick was with us, and the flight from Houston leaves late in the day, so Isla sleeps most of the flight.  I actually got to watch THREE movies.  Of course my first pick was The Raven – grizzly murders – check, a mystery – check, a famous literary figure from the past – check, answers to an age old conspiracy theory – check… my kind of movie.  It enjoyed it immensely.  Smile The hardest part was just again DME, even with Nick, it was hard.  We are going to seriously cut down on the amount of luggage we bring back from the states.  Its just too stressful even with only one kid!  Our new motto is – if we can’t fit it into one suitcase (per person), we don’t need it!

Anyway, we got home and Isla and Nick seem to be doing well with jet lag.  I am having a hard time for some reason, it might be the baby, but I am putting no pressure on myself to rejoin the world!  Nick has been very sweet and gone to the store for me every time I have asked.  We got to our apartment at 10:30 PM and poor Nick had to leave for work the very next morning.  He came home from work only to find Isla and I in the exact same position he had left us in!  We slept from 11:30 PM to 4 PM the next day!!! He is so great and just thought it was funny, and doesn’t seem to mind that he has been coming to a queasy zombie every day.

Ok y’all.  This is one of those long, rambling, not too interesting posts that I don’t know if any reads or not, but please – be patient with me – did I mention I was pregnant (GRIN) and I am so jetlagged.  I plan on doing an update post of our time in the US in the next week or so, or as soon as my mom sends me some photos…


  1. love it. read every word an enjoyed it and literally laughed out loud in my cube about the prunes.. did I mention I share a cube?

    OMG! You're PREGANANT! so sweet.

  2. Congratulations on baby No. 2!! I'm so excited for y'all.


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