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Friday, August 31, 2012

A Few Things from this Week

From the age of 6 until now, I’ve lived in Louisiana, Texas, Venezuela, Texas, California, Texas, Louisiana… do you notice a pattern??? Not one of those places has any Winter to speak of!  I don’t really like the cold and when I found out we were moving to Russia I had no idea how to dress for it.

When we got the word in Sept of 2010 that we were moving, I immediately turned many things I was worried about, like our apartment, over to God.  One thing I continuously fretted about was how to dress for the cold!!! I felt totally lost. And if you ever get the idea that maybe you can comb Good Will for winter clothes in TX and LA… you can forget it. I went to multiple second hand stores and found like a single sweater.

And call me crazy, but I just don’t trust stores like Old Navy and the Gap to supply winter gear for my baby.  It just doesn’t seem right… those aren’t cold weather brands.

About 2 days after we found out we were moving, out of the blue, a Hanna Andersson catalog came in the mail, complete with their full winter line up… and in the words of my mother, Isla has looked like a little Hanna Andersson model ever since!  It might have just been a coincidence, but I like to think of it as God being extra nice to me, as always Smile, doesn’t he tell us not to worry about what we will eat or drink or what we will wear?

Isla 2010-2011 Winter (I miss my baby…)

baby Isla winter gear

Isla 2011-2012 Winter

Isla in winter gear

Anyway, the time has come to figure out this year’s winter wear.  The last two years, I got the most amazing deals on her winter gear because I was able to wait until the end of season sale.  Her snowsuit when she was little only cost $20 brand new, and her gray jacket was normally $100, and I got it for $30!

I am now KICKING MYSELF for not buying the next size up last year on sale, but I guess I just thought that I would be able to get at least 2 years out of her gray jacket and pants!  However 15th percentile me somehow managed to have a 75th to 90th baby, who never seems to slow down on her growth!

This week we hauled out last season’s winter gear to see if it would last through the end of January (we’'ll be in Texas after that)!  Daddy’s opinion was that it would last, and we didn’t need to buy any more…

photo (31)photo (34)

However, my professional mommy opinion is the one that really matters!  There’s no way this kid will be able to use this through winter.  It was skin tight even without any clothes underneath it!  And its only September.  Isla being cold is something that I am a little neurotic about!  Russians and I seem to have that in common.  I cannot stand the thought of her being cold.  There’s just something about knowing that she’s warm and dressed appropriately that makes me feel calm.

photo (30)

Anyway, because we will be spending a lot of this fall and winter in Moscow (you must respect a winter in Moscow) for my Doctor’s appointments and we will also be here for all of December and January, I had to go ahead and order her clothes now at the pre-season sale and have them shipped to my mom’s house for when we go there at the end of October.  I won’t be in the states for the end of season sale in December. 

Anyway, even with winter gear 30% off right now it is still so expensive!!!  Arg, it is making me crazy to think of spending money on something that I previously snagged at such a deal price.  Anyway, the point of this rant is to say that this year I am making sure that her winter gear lasts at least TWO YEARS, and I am definitely taking advantage of the December 70% off sale to buy her clothes for next year!!!

But at least she’ll be warm!  That’s all that matters.  And Hanna Andersson is a great brand.  I really like it, and any clothes that I have bought from there have held up very well.

A couple of other random things…

We went to dinner with our friends last weekend at Chili’s pizza, a restaurant very close to our house. We stopped to let Isla play at our local “splash pad” right outside the restaurant!  Isn’t it great Smile.  Isla loves it, and the locals think we’re crazy because we actually let her “play” in it, and do more than just get her little feet wet…

photo (33)

Last week, Nick came home from workin’ hard to find Isla and I like this…

photo (32)

He thought it was cute enough to take a picture, and then show everyone how lazy we were (my words, not his, he thought we were adorable…)

That’s it, just a couple of random rants and happenings at the Wann house!

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