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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Isla Frances

This was originally in my Tuesday Tidbits post yesterday, but I decided to split it out.  I haven’t bragged shared about Isla in a while, and I want everyone to know what she’s been up to. I am going to talk to Isla in this one as opposed to about her; it feels like a good format since she is getting older.

  • You are getting sassy. And saying things like “This is mine.” or “This is Isla’s.” or “NO, I do it myself!” (In both English and Russian, much cuter in Russian). We have to “practice” obedience a lot.
  • You are a cuddle bug though. I love it. You are so generous with your kisses and smiles.
  • You continue to love people and attention. You are a “Land” for sure, a reference to my Nana’s side of the family who love to socialize (often loudly) and have a good time!
  • You are still incredibly joyful. Sassy as you can be, there is very little crabby about your personality! You did not get that from me.
  • You know all 26 of your letters. Sometimes you mix up similar looking letters in different fonts, but in the right context you knows 100% of your letters.
  • You are starting to spell and recognize words. We will look at simple picture with the words underneath them and I will have you tell me what each letter is. Its very cute! One example of your spelling “This is S. This is H. This is E. Two E. P. ” for SHEEP.
  • Your favorite books are “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”, any of the “Llama, Llama” books (thanks Emily!), “I Lost My Kisses”, and various “Jesus” books.
  • You can climb vertical playground ladders yourself if the rungs are not too far a part.
  • Your favorite toys are your Melissa and Doug letter and number puzzles.
  • You loves your friends, and are learning to play with them. You love to be with them.
  • You can count to 14 in English and 10 in Russian. We don’t spend as much time on numbers as we do letters.
  • You are a great talker and learning as much in Russian as you are in English. You are also starting to differentiate between Russian and English speakers, as in you will use an English word with me and will use the same word in Russian with Agnessa.
  • You’re still a Daddy’s girl. Such a Daddy’s girl.
  • You have finally started watching some TV, which I plan to put to good use on the plane ride home.  You only get to watch TV a couple of times a week (except when I abuse this new gift), but your favorite shows are “Finding Nemo”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and anything with “Red Dog” (as in Clifford).
  • You are still not completely potty trained, because I still like to put a diaper on you when you sleep, but outside of your bed, you are 100% potty trained.  You still have accidents occasionally, but its less and less all the time.
  • You do Independent Play Time for a hour or so each day. We leave the door open with the gate, and you will call me if you need something or want something, but in general you play in there with your toys by yourself.
  • You’re a pretty good eater, although you won’t eat everything.  I finally got you to eat half an avocado in one sitting (and yes, I proceeded to feel extremely smug afterwards.)  You actually love broccoli and Brussels sprouts… ok, maybe you are better than a pretty good eater.  However more days than not, I feel discouraged over your eating habits, so I just try to focus on the positive things.
  • You nap great everyday for at least an hour and half, ever since I moved you to your pack-n-play for naps.  You really liked having a “Big Girl Bed” and a “Nap Time Bed”.  Now you have even moved to sleep in your pack-n-play at night, and its hilarious because you are getting way to big for it.
  • You have an ever expanding entourage to sleep with in your bed too, which makes your pack-n-play even more cramped.  You sleep with two babies, soft baby, brown bear, night night, two books, and Mr. Owl.  I refuse to let you add anything else!

That’s all that I can think of for now, but you are our joy. We love you to pieces and we strive to be better parents for your sake each and every day. We are thankful that God gave you to us for a little while, you are a gift!

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