"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps."

Monday, May 28, 2012

What True Love Is

True love is a man who…

  • Has loved me through infertility, and who loved me enough to never leave me or forsake me for any theoretical, not yet conceived child.
  • Has held me tenderly while I sobbed hysterically at the mirror, gazing for the first time at my post-partum body, swollen from 2 days of IV fluids and a wild, nasty red gash across my belly, and told me that even if I always looked the way that I did then, he would still love me just the same.
  • Has talked softly to me about my fears, been patient with me through my rages, and cradled our beautiful newborn baby daughter as he crooned “Fools Rush In” to her.
  • Has never once turned from me in disgust or anger no matter how unlovable I may have been at the time, and is always so ready to listen once I finally figure out what’s really bothering me!

If you had asked me 7 years ago today what true love looked like, I would have told you that it was love, commitment, and a choice, but I could have never told you the truth. That true love is laying down with the same man every night, and getting up with the same man every morning, and marveling that we are building this life together. That each day, a new little brick in our empire is being laid. That love does change, and in a way it gets harder because life gets harder, but that it also gets better as we grow and build and learn together and always stand by each other! I cannot wait to see what else I learn in our years to come.

I love you, Nick Wann and I am so thankful that 7 years ago today, God gave me YOU. I thank Him for you everyday.

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  1. Stori, SO sweet and SOOO true! I pray that the Lord will bless yall with many more years of joy together! Take care, friend!

  2. beautiful!! what a gorgeous empire you are building and demostrating for sweet Isla. Happy Anniversary, may all your days be blessed!


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