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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Too Much Fun

So, I don’t know exactly how to break down our Thailand trip, but I feel like I should at least do one post about our hotel in general.  The truth is, we did not get out that much!  We made two trips away from the hotel and that was it.  So most of the activities that you will see are ones that took place at our hotel.

We intentionally chose our hotel, the JW Marriott Phuket because it was a) a Marriott and we love our points and b) voted on several lists as the most family friendly hotel on the island.  And it was!  Y’all out there without children, I am finding out something.  One of the things that I always thought that I would have to “give up” after Isla was born was major excursions or certain trips, of course I was happy to make the trade off when she was born, but I thought that that was just the season we were in, and while better in other ways, was worse in the vacation/adventuring way.  In fact, we chose not to do one day trip of canoeing around James Bond Island near Phuket because we didn’t think that it would be Isla friendly.  Definitely now that she is older and not as portable as she once was, we are planning trips a little bit differently. 

What I am learning is that we are giving nothing up! It is just as much fun to watch her blossom and play and have fun and play with her in places that are more catered to her as it is to do more outdoorsy things!  We had so much fun on the trip, mostly because the hotel had so much that we could do as a family.  It was just as much fun, and I don’t regret not being able to go canoeing for a second.

What’s not to love about this?


To give you a general idea of what our week looked like, we arrived to this…


And this…


Isla checking out her very own little futon bed Smile.

Islas Bed

We were happy to be there! Eight full days of no daddy working was before us Smile.


Our hotel had fire dancers.


And playgrounds of the indoor and outdoor variety.


And all you can eat make-your-own pasta buffets (plus other amazing cuisine).


And all you can eat breakfast buffets (Yes, we so got off of our Eat To Live lifestyle change while we were on this trip and we so could have stayed on it…).


And eye-keem, as Isla would say. Smile


It was a magical week, it almost makes me a little sad to go back through our photographs and realize its finished… BUT coming up later!

  • Easter Sunday
  • The Pool
  • The Beach
  • Patong Beach
  • And anything else that I can pull together…

As Isla would say “Come in peoples!” Haha.  She is such a mess.

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