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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kickin’ It Poolside

Ok, so while in Thailand, we spent a lot of time by the hotels three pools.  A lot of time. And it was so great! I loved playing with Nick and Isla in the water.  My mom bought Isla this awesome little swim vest and brought it to me when we met up in the Netherlands and it worked so well!  Isla is not in any kind of swimming lessons nor do we have regular access to a pool here, but she really quickly got the hang of swimming with this thing and could even paddle her way out to the deep end all by herself with it on.

In fact, she got so confident that one time she forgot that we had taken it off for lunch and deliberately and calmly walked right up to the pool and hopped in at the deep end.  Thankfully I was able to catch her pretty quickly before too much water was swallowed!

Best Vest

The first pool, which was like three in one, was the best pool for little kids that I have ever seen! The baby section was not just a shallow pool like most baby pools.  It had little ridges that the babies could sit on, jets that shot up and animals that the babies and toddlers could crawl on. 

Coolest Kid Pool


It then connected to the “slide” pool which also connected to the “deep” pool.  All three of which we spent a significant amount of time at, although I didn’t get any pictures of the deep pool. We spent so much time going up and down this slide.  Isla even got brave enough to swim over to the kiddie pool, get out, go up the steps and come down the slide all by herself.  We were so proud, she is really becoming quite brave.

Isla and Daddy slide

My Happy Girl

Pool SLider

In fact, we never wanted to leave this pool when the day was declared over.  Even when they turned the water to the slide off.  Isla never wanted to go!  Here she is on our first day.  It was time to go and Nick sat her on the end of the slide for a minute.  With the water off, she figured that she could just walk right up the slide and then slide back down!

And she did!

Then there was the “Swim Up bar” pool.  I don’t know about you, but I think swim up bars were the best pool invention ever. I so want one in my mansion in heaven, heck, I’d even take one here on earth.  Isla quickly learned how to swim right up and request a milk shake (smoothie). 

Swim Up Bar

A girl could get used to a life like this!

Movie Star

The third pool was adults only, but we did sneak over there after hours (with Isla – not the sneaky way you are thinking two adults sneak into an adults only pool after hours) for a quick swim when it was quiet.

That’s it for our pool pictures!  I wish that I had gotten more, but I was too busy having fun and we don’t own a waterproof camera so we rarely bothered to take ours.  Although our fun times in the water almost have me convinced to go Daigneaultimate and invest in a waterproof camera… if we ever live somewhere with easy access to a pool!

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  1. hehe! If you ever have regular access to a pool, you really should get a waterproof camera. It is so much fun. It's silly, but the underwater pictures make me so happy. :)


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