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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finally, last day in Malaysia

So, only 5 weeks late, but I will get through all of this trip if it takes until Christmas!  Nick is on a business trip all week, which usually leaves my best time for blogging free – the evenings.  I need to get through Malaysia, then onto Thailand, and also we took a trip to Turkey this past week.  We haven’t been doing much around here since we have been sick or feeling blah, so not much interesting to report, but I will do a quick update post in the next day or two.

There actually isn’t that much to report on our last day in Malaysia!  Our flight left late that night so we had all to hang out around the city.  We really wanted to go up into the Petronas towers, but its very hard to get a ticket.  We had tried earlier in the week, and we tried again that morning but they were all out!  We think because it it a place of business, the only allow a certain number of people up at a time.  So we had to settle for one more shot in front of the towers Sad smile.

Petronas Towers

Afterwards, we took Isla to an aquarium right there in the park of the Petronas towers.  It was fun.  She had a ball… there’s not much else to say Smile.

I thought she would love to touch some of the fish at the petting part… she did not want to touch the fish at all.

NO! I will not.

It is so much fun watching her enjoy new experiences! I admit that I am a little bit jaded about things like this, but its nice to see these things through Isla’s eyes.

Cool Fish

This particular aquarium had a tunnel through a gigantic tank.  You had to step onto a people mover that took you through the tank.  It was quite long and really cool.  I liked it.


Who doesn’t love turtles???


After the aquarium, we headed back to our hotel, checked out, headed to the airport, and got on the hour long flight to Phuket!

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