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Friday, May 11, 2012

Finally… Getting to Malaysia!

Ok, so I am only a month late, but better late than never Smile.  We went to Malaysia because Nick had training there for work. It was such a nice time!  The training got out fairly early everyday, so Isla and I slept in, got up and got ready, and then met up with Nick around lunch time everyday and we started our adventures from there!

I already shared with you about the first two days there. So let me continue with the next couple of days…

On our third day in the city, we walked and walked!  We checked out China town, Central Market, and then finished off the day with the Kuala Lumpur tower.


China Town was just like any other China Town, but my thrifty hubby was in heaven!  He managed to haggle for a North Face (we think its real) backpack at a super cheap price, which always puts him in a good mood.


Then we walked to the Central Market close by!  It was craft shoppers paradise and I wish that I had had all day sans husband and baby to find something really special… but you know what they say about shopping with your husband?  Its like hunting with the game warden!  The next time I go, I am hoping that I can take my mom Smile.


Afterwards we walked to the Kuala Lumpur tower, which is one of the tallest towers in the world so that we could see the city skyline.  Isla finally fell asleep on the way over.


For some reason it was sideways head day for me… Here we are trying to get shots of the Petronas towers in the background!


Daddy showing Isla the skyline when she finally woke up.


After we were finished, there was a little “zoo” (I used the term loosely) in the base of the towers that we went to, but Isla had fun, so that’s all that matters.  I love her little happy face in this picture, even though her arms look all crazy.  She was so excited to be with the animals.


If our lives ever calm down, and we end up in one place longer than a few years, I am so buying Isla a turtle!  And a hedgehog.


It was extra to pet and get your picture taken with the animals, but this guy thought Isla was so cute, he let her pet this birdy for free!


Another great day in Kuala Lumpur!

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