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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Batu Caves

This was our fourth day in Kuala Lumpur, and it was another home run!  One of Kuala Lumpur’s biggest attractions are a series of caves just outside the city that have been turned into a Hindu temple, and are famous for the monkeys that scamper around and that you can feed!

Nick got out of class kind of late that day (around 3) and it was raining so we debated whether or not go.  In the end, we went, and I am so glad that we did!  We didn’t want to fool with the train system with so little time to get there before dark and it would have involved backtracking, so we decided to just take a taxi directly to the caves.

On our way, the taxi driver tried to talk us into spending 125 ringgit (40 USD) to stay and wait for us and then take us back (after we are pretty sure he drove around in circles to up the fare to the caves).  We declined because wanted to try to take the train back since we knew we would have unlimited time after we were finished.  He protested and told us that there wasn’t a train or that it was very far.  I almost caved, but Nick held strong and was proved correct when we got out of the car and found that there was in fact a train station directly next to the caves (score one for Nick!) I made sure to take a picture of him in front of the station.

Happy Nick

We ended up taking it home for less than $4.  I only mention this because the one thing that will ruin a vacation for us faster than anything is feeling like we have been ripped off, and when we figure out a way to do something cheaper it always makes our vacation more fun!

This is outside of the caves/temple.  Isla pointed to the big statue and said “Jesus.”


To which her Daddy replied, “No Isla, that is definitely not Jesus.”

Not Jesus

We then had to walk up those gigantic stairs you see behind Nick and Isla.

Inside the caves you could tell that it used to be very beautiful, but unfortunately, the temple caretakers had not done much to preserve to natural beauty and had instead turned it into a major tourist attraction.  There were carnivalesque looking booths everywhere, bright lights and the floor had been completely filled in with cement.  Now I love capitalism, and you will never catch me criticizing anyone or anything for utilizing natural resources responsibly for human consumption no matter how beautiful or precious, but this just made me sad to see how they had turned something so beautiful into this. Hopefully the beautiful baby in the picture redeems the view a little bit.


I did my best to capture the beauty of the rain forest when you peeked up through the top of the caves, but it was hard to get a picture without the giant stadium lights getting the way.

Beautiful 3Beautiful Caves

Not being the type to brood over man’s destruction of God’s creation (our earth is temporary), we still had a very good time.

I just like this picture Smile. Oh how I love Nick’s dimpled smile.


One thing we always do when we are in another place of “worship” is pray as a family that Jesus would be Lord even there and that His glory and truth would shine in the darkest of places.

Your Loves Oh Lord

Even there, it was finished! He reigns.

“Clap your hands, all you nations;
shout to God with cries of joy.”

Psalm 47:1

Reaches to the Heavens

After the main cave, we decided to go into one of the side caves called “The Dark Cave”.  We had to pay extra but it was very cool.  It was filled with bats and spiders and things that go bump in the night!

Dark Cave

Oh and guano, that is, bat droppings. Which I know all about from watching Ace Venture 2… now who says you can’t learn anything from the Pet Detective?


It was a really cool tour and very informative.  We could only bring one small flash light, and there were bugs everywhere!  The other couple that went on the tour with us was from Chicago and the girl was totally freaked out by the bugs.  I am glad that she was there or else I would have been the one freaking out over the cockroaches crawling over our path!

Here we are at the light part of the cave. This was the best picture we could get.  I wish that we had brought our best lens on this trip!Family

After we finished the tour, it had stopped raining the monkeys had come out!  Isla was very excited.

Monkeys are Out

Afterwards, we hitched the train back into town and stopped at TGIFs! We love eating at kitschy American restaurants when we are vacation since we don’t get to eat there very often.  We ordered burgers, which I have to say were a tad bit disappointing and made with Australian beef!  Give me a Texas steer any day.


We are beginning to enjoy adventuring Smile.

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