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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Another week here in beautiful, mysterious Russia!

  • Our IKEA run on Friday was completely unsuccessful… I really need to start being more disciplined when I go.  Its too far away to just come back if you forget something.  I completed one out of three purchasing goals and still somehow spent $200 on things that I didn’t really need, but they looked so handy.  Good job me.
  • Isla is still ever the fashionista… even if I don’t always understand her tastes!A Isla outfit 2A Islas outfitA Isla toothbrush
  • Isla is in love with Matthew!  He is my friend Jen’s son and they live a few floors above us.  He came over to play last Thursday and they had the best time!  Here they are dancing… Miss Isla’s idea, but he was happy to play along.  Isla has fun no matter what she is doing!A Isla Matthew DancingA Isla Matthew
  • Isla’s latest favorite thing to do is give her baby a bath in a little tub that I set up in the bathroom!  A Isla Baby PeepeeA Isla seriousA Isla Funny FaceA Isla Baby Bath Morning
  • I went a little bit crazy and ordered a ton of books for Isla’s birthday and Easter.  They all came in yesterday, it was like Christmas time!  I also went a little bit crazy and ordered myself the complete set of Little House on the Prairie in hardback.  I love that Nick’s company allows us to ship books, DVDs and CDs here at no extra charge!
  • Also, in case you were wondering, Isla’s birthday falls on Russian Easter, not U.S. Easter as we follow the Russian Orthodox calendar and Easter here is the 15th, not the 8th.
  • I am putting together Isla’s Easter Basket… I am on the fence about doing the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus with Isla.  Nick and I will have to discuss it.  I think that if it were 50 years ago and the celebrations were still mostly about Jesus, I would have no problem doing the EB and SC, but now it seems like for most Americans, they have become almost 100% secular holidays and are not at all about Jesus.  I feel like it might be better for us to take a strong stance because everywhere else she will be getting such a strong message that it is only about chocolates, toys and magical creatures.
  • But for now, I am putting together an Easter basket, and I love doing it!  Its just going to be from mom and dad and not the Easter Bunny.  And please understand, that I do not care or think anything of other families doing those things, like I said, we are still deciding ourselves.
  • I love this picture!  Isla actually came towards the camera and held her hand in front of it in the classic Movie-Star-Clashes-With-Paparazzi move… I think she sometimes gets tired of having the camera in her face…A Isla no more pics
  • … Although she is getting really good at smiling on cue and saying “Cookie Boo!” whenever I whip it out.A Isla Say Cookie Boo
  • Saturday was so busy!  We had dinner with one of Nick’s coworker’s families.  Her name is Ludmila and we like her so much!  And then right after we put Isla to bed and headed upstairs to have fondue with our friends Tim and Li, it was so fun.  We have rigged up our cell phones to work as monitors and they work really well.  I was able to quickly run downstairs a couple of times when Isla needed me.
  • Fondue is so awesome, I am going to make it our family Saturday night tradition.  We use dark chocolate and lots of fruits (strawberries, bananas, apples and oranges), so its probably one of the healthier desserts… right?
  • Speaking of diets I am confident that I have lost weight doing Eat to Live, and I am going to keep it up!  I am so happy to be eating for my health and I want to do a post on it, but I don’t want to sound all preachy or talk about it and then give it up… but I don’t think that I will give it up!  Also, I have cheated plenty… I am doing my best, but there are still situations that I have not figured out how to handle and then there’s my sweet tooth… (sigh).
  • Sunday was church and then a bar-b-que with a lot of the rotational workers that Nick works with on the construction site.  It was a lot of fun to meet some of the people that Nick works with everyday.
  • Anya, Vanya and Liosha are coming over this afternoon to play! YAY!
  • Friday we leave for Malaysia and then Thailand, OO-RAH!  I am flipping out I am so excited!
  • I have so many blog post to catch up on, that and getting ready for our trip are my goals for the week!  Hopefully they will make it up… we will see.

That’s it for now, paka paka!

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