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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Another Tuesday!  I will spare you my ramblings on how quickly time is flying.

  • I made a recipe with spinach and Brussels sprouts (yes, Brussels sprouts!) for dinner that Isla gobbled down.  Look for this recipe on Little Tummy Yummies in the next couple of days!  My momma’s heart was sooo happy.
  • I mentioned that I was reading Eat to Live last week in my Tuesday Tidbits post, and I really am trying hard to implement major changes in my diet.  I wish our scale was working so that I could see if I had lost any weight, but even if I don’t (I will), I am really excited to be eating for my health!
  • Isla has been falling so much lately and getting covered in bruises that I have taken to calling her my little Black-Eyed Sweet Pea!  I was worried that people would start to think that I wasn’t taking good care of her, but then she has had major spills while both Nick and Agnessa were watching her!  My friend Rose comforted me and told that it was common when kids are growing for them to lose coordination… phew!  I feel much better, but she still needs to be watched constantly.056Blog 1
  • Tomorrow my friend Katya is inviting us over for a traditional Russian lunch!  Yummm… I am so excited Smile.  She is an excellent cook.
  • Our trip to Krasnodar was cancelled last week because everyone got sick, but we are rescheduling for this Friday.
  • I am thinking about starting an herb garden in my apartment.  No, I am going to start an herb garden… I need to start praying that I find seeds for all of the herbs I want.
  • I am also thinking about smuggling kale seeds into the country… shhh, don’t tell anyone!
  • Lordy, but this child is cute!  I am so thankful she is mine.Isla cute 2Isla cute
  • Agnessa and Isla are becoming quite the pair!  Agnessa is Isla’s best friend.Agnessa Isla
  • I have fallen in love with chocolate fondue… it’s the stuff of heaven.
  • Beside Krasnodar and my Russian lunch tomorrow, we don’t have much on the agenda, other than our regular Russian lessons and Isla’s little school.  Its a good thing because I am needing time to prepare for our Malaysia/Thailand trip next week! Wha-hoo!
  • Cloud 9 news for this week – Nick’s company does matching donations when you donate to charities, and guess what??? This year they are doubling the amount that they will match!!! Yay.  More money for my orphans.
  • Ok, I think that’s it y’all.  I am sorry my life and blog are so lame.  I seriously have a million and one things that I want to blog about, but I just can’t seem to find the time or motivation.  Maybe I will feel more up to it when we get back from our R&R!

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