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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

I may or may not be writing this post on Wednesday morning and back dating thanks to Windows LiveWriter… its ok though? Right? I mean its still Tuesday in some parts of the Pacific…

  • Guess who turned 3 today?  BABY BEAR!  Happy Birthday little man.  We love you!
  • Isla birthday presents have been ordered!  An absolute angel who works with Nick told us to order whatever we wanted from the states and he would bring it in a suitcase on April 5th Smile.  I am a happy, happy mama!
  • Isla’s second biggest birthday present is the Melissa and Doug shopping cart.  Her Boo bought her a smaller one for Christmas that has pretty much been loved to death by Isla and every other child who comes over here.  This one is super sturdy and should be able to survive even my little bruiser.
  • My friend Lacey recommended that I read a book called “Eat to Live”, and since I usually enjoy her book recommendations, I bought it.  Oh my, oh my, is it ever rocking my nutrition world!  I laid awake last night and I could actually feel plaque forming on my arteries and in my heart…
  • I am so behind on answering/reading emails, its pitiful.
  • Isla Frances is so darn adorable.  She finally figured out that she could hop out of bed, go get toys and bring them back to her bed during naptime.  Yesterday I went in and firmly removed them one by one.  We went over several times why that was a “no-no”.  Today she called me over to the door and handed me her play microphone.  I guess she didn’t want the temptation in her room!
  • For some reason lately Isla has felt the need to announce her toots to the world.  She did not learn this world from me.  Thank goodness we live in Russia so no one knows what she is saying.
  • Isla has also started trying to throw fits recently.  Mostly I ignore them.  They are quite amusing, except sometimes they are not.
  • We had church at our house this past Sunday.  I loved it!  I wish that we could host church here every week.
  • Saturday, the ladies of our church were treated to a day at the sauna.  I had a blast!  I really like saunas, I wish I could go to one more often.  My friend Katya brought all kinds of amazing facial products and my skin looked so good afterwards!  Now its back to normal.
  • This week I intentionally left open because I didn’t want a lot of time commitments, but its amazing how things fill up!  In addition to regular “school” twice a week, Russian lessons twice a week, and bible study on Wednesday nights, we are going to Krasnodar with friends Friday, I am having lunch with my friend Rosa and her beautiful new baby Thursday, and Saturday we are having my Russian instructor (and friend) and her family over!  Oh man… we also have English Club this Sunday evening.  Wow.  It’s a good feeling though, to have things to do and friends who want to spend time with you Smile.
  • Thursday will be the one year anniversary of when we left the US for Russia.  I kind of want to come up with something moving and profound for the blog to commemorate it. Ha, moving and profound… on this blog!
  • Finally, there have been several orphans that have been on my heart in addition to an amazing fundraiser going on over at Micah Six Eight.  I want to do a separate post on those so look out for them.
  • I also want to finish my posts on the Netherlands/Germany/Belgium and do a post on church at our house last Sunday… maybe don’t look out for those.  There is a good chance they won’t happen.

That’s it for this week folks!  Til next Tuesday… probably…

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