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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

So this post was originally Tuesday Tidbits, but I only got halfway through… so half of this is from Tuesday and the other half from Thursday!

Tuesday Thursday again, already?

Actually I should say… March, already?  I say this a lot, but this time I mean it with ever fiber of my being (love that expression, it’s a little over dramatic, but so fun to use!).  I was chatting with my friend Kim and she mentioned she was going back for a few weeks for her daughters Spring Break, and my jaw dropped open!  Already time for Spring Break???  Amazing.

  • I should really be studying my Russian right now.  I have been so lazy with it… but instead I am blogging.
  • Isla is doing much better with her naps and bedtime, praise God!  Peace has been restored to the Wann Household, mostly thanks to God and this little gem that I picked up when I was in the states.
  • Please go to A Perfect Lily and read Patti’s posts on the new test that is said to detect Down Syndrome in the first trimester.  Its very scary and could lead to the eradication of people with Down Syndrome in our society, by means of abortion.  Down Syndrome occurs at conception, Downs babies are not the product of a fallen world, they are created by God for His Glory, exactly as He intended!
  • I don’t know where my brain is, normally I leave Tuesdays and Fridays closed for activities with only Russian lessons, but for some reason I scheduled a play date right before lessons and to have friends over for dinner right after lessons this Tuesday! 
  • But its ok, we loved having Anya and her boys over before Russian lessons…106and then Katya, Igor and Izlata over after Russian lessons.  S118Seriously loved it!
  • Speaking of Katya, she and her family were at our house until 9:30 PM and then she went home and was up all night and made these for International Women’s Day:IMG_20120307_122230  IMG_20120307_122145WOWZERS! Such talent.
  • Nick has Thursday and Friday off for Women’s Day here in Russia!!! Oorah, as they say here in Russia.  However, he is still planning on working Friday plus Saturday, plus most definitely Sunday.  BOOrah, as I say.
  • Isla her first days of “school” this week.  Technically it is more of a mommy and me class, but we are calling it school because I have no idea how to say “mommy and me class” in Russian.
  • I think Isla had a good time.  She was really good and didn’t cry; she just didn’t want to sit on my lap.  She mostly watched, and I think she will enjoy it.  However, I didn’t realize that marching, jumping, and toe walking were learned skills!  And so it begins… she is so behind the other kids in coordination and rhythm and she’s one of the oldest!  So I simultaneously think “What have I been doing with my time with her? She is so behind! and Relax Stori, she isn’t even 2 yet! This doesn’t make you a bad mother.”
  • I am really proud of my husband and the leadership he has showed since we moved Russia!  He has been so giving of his time and energy to the church and our Wednesday Night Bible Studies are going so well.  Here are some of the beautiful ladies that have been coming (we have had men too.)125
  • Speaking of Nick, he enjoyed his first time snowboarding and I hope we can arrange it so that it’s a skill he can continue to develop! 
  • It was funny to see him moving like an old man when he came home from Sochi (location of the 2014 Olympics!) though.  Who knew snow boarding could make you feel so sore?
  • The other day Isla sneezed, paused and waited for me to say “Bless you.” But when I kept quiet for a few seconds she said “Bless you Isla!” Haha.  Mom dropped the ball. Smile
  • I have not been in the mood to blog and I still have at least 3 or 4 posts to do on the Netherlands… sigh.  I wish that I had a microchip in my brain that transmitted all of my thoughts and experiences to blog form.
  • I really need to do a post on just Isla.  She has been so neglected on this blog!  Also, she is going to be TWO on Easter Sunday.  Her first year went by so fast, but this time two actually feels about right to.  For once, I don’t think that I will be saying “I cannot believe my baby is TWO!” Haha.  She definitely feels like she is an almost two year old.
  • While Nick was in Sochi, Alesia and her family came over!  I love that we have made lasting friendships with so many people here.  Its taken a little while, but we feel so comfortable here.  I am so thankful for God and His provision!015016024
  • I think that I want to start a "Father/Daughter” photo of the week segment on this blog!  Nick and Isla are always doing something cute together, like right now Isla is making Nick dance with her bear… but first to come up with a fun title!048
  • Before I had Isla, I used to hate baby-eating-messy photos, now I am starting to get the appeal!  She is soooo cute.057
  • We had a guest speaker from Nick’s office come and speak at English Club!  I am very thankful for that.  Paul was so good, and he also apparently captured one of the most recent photos of the Loch Ness monster… ha!075

That’s it for this week!  Hopefully I will get my act together and put up the rest of our trip to the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium… Besides, I gotta go, Nick and I have been brushing up on our country and western dancing and he wants to practice our “pretzel!”

Ps. I love my family.  I do not deserve them! Praise God for His blessings.

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  1. loved catching up. I love blogging, but I sure do like your brain download idea . . . that would be so helpful!

    "bless you Isla!" just love that!


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