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Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Pit So Deep

“We have to tell them no pit is so deep, or He is deeper still.” Betsie Ten Boom, Corrie’s sister

My absolute favorite part of my trip was our visit to Haarlam to see the Corrie Ten Boom house.  What to say about her?  I could probably start an entire blog dedicated to her, she was an amazing person with a heart completely devoted to Jesus and He used her to accomplish great things for His namesake.  But I will just try to do a quick recap of her story.

Corrie was born into a family that loved Jesus and also loved God’s chosen people, the Jews.  Her family had been praying for the restoration of Israel since at least the 1840s!  Amazing.  Anyway, when the Nazis began persecuting the Jews during WWII, Corrie and her family constructed a secret hiding place to hide Jews and keep them safe.  However, they were betrayed and at the age of 52, Corrie and her sister were sent to a women’s concentration camp.  Although her sister did not survive, Corrie was released due to a paperwork error. Afterwards, in spite of her age, Corrie became a “tramp for the lord” and traveled all over the world telling people about her time in the concentration camp and about the love of Christ.  By boldly proclaiming the gospel wherever she went, God used her to win back many souls from the enemy.  I have now read “Tramp for the Lord” and I am going to buy each and every one of her books!  What a life of complete devotion to Jesus she lived, she had many amazing stories to tell!

Because the tour is in an old Dutch row house, there is no waiting room or room for one!  So we had to wait out in the freezing cold until the tour began.


This is the plaque outside the home.  The Ten Boom family sacrificed so much, four family members died following Jesus – what amazing faith – they feared the Lord and no one else!  As a side note – I love that Isla and Corrie have the same birthday.  My sweet lucky Isla, I hope that Corrie is her hero when she gets older! 073

This was our tour guide, a believer and missionary from New Zealand living in the Netherlands.  To me, most of Europe seems like a very dark place spiritually, so it was amazing to be somewhere there where people talked about their love of Jesus freely and with conviction.  Corrie’s family was so active in spreading the gospel that I know that they would be happy that their home is still being used as an outreach center to tell people about the One Who Saves!


A very rapt audience – even Isla… for about 2 minutes!


“…and my sin is ever before me.” Amen.


When the Germans raided their home, the only evidence that they could find against the Ten Boom family was the location where they hid the extra ration cards they needed to give food to the people they were sheltering.082

This was Corrie’s and Betsie’s bedroom, and where they built the secret room.  The people had to crawl into it through a secret panel built into the linen closet.  Thankfully during the raid, the Nazis were unable to find this room and all of the people hiding there were kept safe!


Me, standing in the secret room!


A tiny vent for air.


Inside the secret room, it was tiny! I think that I read that during the raid there were SIX people hiding in there and they had to wait there for days until they could come out.




The word’s of Betsie, Corrie’s sister.  She died at the age of 58 in the concentration camp.


This plaque says “Corrie Ten Boom, Prisoner of the Lord Jesus”.


This was the highlight of my trip, really and truly. I cannot wait to read more about the life of Corrie, an ordinary woman who was obedient to an extraordinary God!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing woman, amazing story, and amazing trip! It looks like you had such a sobering yet fun time. Loved the Anne Frank house, too, but I have always loved Corrie Ten Boom. I wonder if my kids are too young to read them The Hiding Place...


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