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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Impeccable Timing

Isla, Nick and I are all back safe and sound in Russia! 

I made it back with only a little drama – my flight from Amsterdam was delayed and we arrived in Vienna just as my other flight was set to board.  I plopped Isla in her stroller and raced through the airport, jumped in the front of the line at passport control and hurried through security and I arrived just as my flight to Krasnodar boarded!  Thank goodness it boarded late.  Luckily, our luggage made it through even with the shorter connection.  Nick made it back without much trouble too, although his flight did get rerouted from Gelendzhik to Kradnodar which made his trip from the airport to the house go from 30 minutes to 3 hours!

I am having a hard time adjusting back to Novo time (its 2:30 AM and I cannot sleep) for some reason… and I get to be up in less than 5 hours to my precious, but crazy active and busy toddler – hooray!  I am thankful for my daughter at all times, but I am dreading my rapidly approaching morning.

Anyway, to help facilitate sleep, I thought I would share with you what was happening while I was gone! 

There was a crazy, snow, ice and wind storm while I was gone.  Power was touch and go for days throughout most of the city, and leaving the house was out of the question, roofs were blown off, cars were turned over...  My housekeeper was here and she had to spend the night because it wasn’t safe to drive back to her house!  I will let the destruction in these pictures tell you the rest of the story… there apparently hasn’t been a storm this bad here in 40 years!


PHEW!  I am so thankful that I was not here without Nick for hurricane force winds mixed with snow and ice!  In keeping with the lucky star that I was born under, my timing to be out of town could not have been better.  I am one lucky girl – not the least because I have amazing parents and a grandma who were willing to travel hours on a place to meet with cranky-pants me while my husband was working in Africa… although they did to spend copious amounts of time with my adorable, joy-filled Isla so that may have been their real motivation Smile.

I can’t wait to get my tales o’ fun and adventure up on the blog about Holland and Germany as soon as I get caught up on some sleep!  Now off to catch some zedsss…

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