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Monday, February 27, 2012

Anne Frank House

We only had one afternoon to spend in Amsterdam, and we chose to spend it at the Anne Frank House, but first, we were hungry!  This is not really important except that I had the most amazing avocado sandwich.  Warning – from now on, I plan to always mention delicious meals in my posts.


My parents had already been to the Anne Frank house several times so they decided to take Isla for a walk while Nana and I went inside.  Here we are waiting in the cold to enter.


When I got inside, I took a snap shot of this… right before a security guard ran up to me and reminded me not to take anymore pictures!  Boo.  So I have no pictures of the inside.


It was pretty surreal to be inside the rooms where 8 people lives for over two years!  And heartbreaking.  Anne was such a vivacious, beautiful child, and she deserved so much better.  May what happened in Europe during WWII always be a warning to us all.

Also, I thought that I would include this video.  There was a part at the end of the museum where you could make a video and email it to someone and I wanted to send it to Nick.  I was going to send him a really silly video but then I thought that it might not be appropriate given where I was so, plus I didn’t know if it would be seen by more people than just Nick… I just said this…

Pretty lame.  Um, also… why didn’t anyone tell me my nose was so big??? I am seriously hoping that it is just the angle…  Nick was sweet enough to tell me that I looked pretty in it though, and without prompting!

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