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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Wonder of the Greatest Love Has Come!

Now for the surprise that you have all been waiting for… we spent the evening last night with my friend Alesia (read HERE and HERE)!

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Let me catch you up on what has been going on with her family since I last shared with you about her!

Alesia had a very difficult time finding a job here in Novo, in spite of the fact that her English skills are some of the best that I have seen, partially because she has no formal education.  She was really hoping to get a job at Nick’s company, but at the time, there were no positions available.  Thankfully Nick was able to refer Alesia to one of his contractors, and they immediately saw what a gem she was and snatched her up! 

God KNEW exactly where she should be.  She is now working with Nick on a weekly basis and will soon be working with him on a daily basic once she gets moved out to the site!  Not only that, but it is so helpful to have someone with her level of speaking skills working for his contractor since very often his company snatches up the best translators.  Of course that was where she was supposed to be all along.  God KNEW because not even a week after she got the job, a position in Nick’s company opened up, but it was too late. Amazing.

But what came next was a very long journey.  With Alesia’s job, came a long commute.  Up to 3 hours (one way) daily from the little town of Abinsk where they were living at the far end of an unpaved road.  Even with our big SUV it was tough to get to their house and it took 1 1/2 hours.  You can imagine that it was very hard with four children to be away from them so much.  So for Alesia, the search for a house was ON.

But they had no money!  Her salary is pretty good by Russian standards, but it still doesn’t go far when you have four children, a husband, and both of the grandmother’s living with you.  So what did her company do??? They are so thrilled to have someone with Alesia’s speaking skills on board, that they offered her 20,000 rubles (over $600 USD) towards a house or an apartment PER MONTH.  Amazing.  Something she would have never received with Nick’s company.  God KNOWS.

Unfortunately in Russia, you cannot just call up a realtor and find a place in the area you want.  It was a long, several months before she found a place that was within their price range with good access to transportation for herself and her two children who are in school.  I went with her on a few house hunting expeditions, and it has been such a tough time for them.

Well, where did we spend the evening with her??? At her HOUSE!  Praise God.  It is nice and large by Russian standards, and it has a beautiful yard (jealous over here!) and a sauna (again, jealous over here!).  No, I am not really jealous, just so happy for them.  The best part for me is that she is so close.  For a while they talked about staying in Abinsk, but here I will get to see her all the time!

Last night was so nice.  She and her husband are such sweet, easy company and a blessing from God.  We talked about everything from the restoration \of Babylon to American politics. And we had some awesome Shashleek (Russian grilled meat – so GOOD).  Shashleek makes me happy!

Yuri, Alesia’s husband, bringing in the shashleek!  He saw me with my camera and snapped to attention as a joke – haha, he looks so serious in this picture though.  Not like he is joking at all.

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Sweet Eva, and Yuri’s mother.  Alesia’s mother joined them at one point in Russia, but she has decided to return to Kyrgyzstan for the time being.

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Precious Christina – she is so sweet, and little Ilya (Elijah).

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Christina was sweet to Isla and played with her the whole time.

011 (640x413)

Good fellowship – I kept trying to get candid shots, but not having photography skills whatsoever, I mostly just got people between bites and looking weird.

017 (640x424)

Eva and Isla!  They are only one month apart.  Are they not so darn adorable?

019 (640x412) (2)

I didn’t get any pictures of Benjamin, their oldest boy because he is very shy and mostly kept to himself.  Plus I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I wanted to since I was so busy gabbing!

Yuri was a film producer in Kyrgyzstan and made films for a local Christian channel.  At the end of the evening he shared with us some of his films on what God was doing there, and also some of his footage of the revolution.  His office used to be right across from the Kyrgyzstani White House, so he was able to film some of the destruction first hand.  There was some very difficult things to watch.  I am thankful that my friends made it out to Russia safely, but I ache for those left behind.  I am sorry that Yuri and Alesia had to live through that, but they firmly believe that Russia is where they are meant to be right now.  I cannot wait for Christ’s return, when He will wipe every tear from our eyes so that people do not have to go through such terrible times.

Now before I go, I have one more prayer requests for this precious family - Would you please pray that Yuri is able to find a job, but not just any job, a job in film?  That is his passion and his heart.  He has undergone such a transformation during the past year, like Christ, he has been making himself the first servant to his family, but it must be hard not being able to provide.

I have a feeling that Alesia and her family will be making it to the blog quite a bit more in the future!  We love them and are so thankful for the opportunity to know them.

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  1. Cannot wait to meet them all! Love you lots, mom


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