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Monday, January 9, 2012

With an Aching, Yet Hopeful Heart

I want to share this post from Micah Six Eight that I read this morning.  You know that I believe that God is changing hearts for the special needs orphans living overseas – but still so many suffer.  So many children are laying in cribs, just wasting away.  My heart breaks for all of them – but especially the ones who are stuck in their cribs – being driven slowly insane by lack of stimulation.

This is an amazing post because it shows us how far Reece’s Rainbow has come, but how much more work still remains to be done.  Let’s get moving church – there is work to be done!

Please take moment to read about The Lost Boys of Easter Europe and what God is doing in their asylum HERE.

And now I want to share with you about one beautiful boy.  Little Valentin.  Honestly, he is so handsome that I had noticed him on Reece’s Rainbow many times before. He is one of the lucky ones who has a beautiful picture.

Valentin in orphanage 3

There were several families who adopted from his orphanage in Eastern Europe last year, actually, not just his orphanage, from his room.  Just as these families were adopting three children out of his room – Valentin was transferred in.  I have shared about several children who were in this room before (HERE).  It is one of the horrible “laying rooms” where children are left in their cribs day in and day out with minimal care and zero stimulation.

The families who met with Valentin said that he seems like a normal little boy who was only a little bit delayed.

I got to spend a few moments with him when he was first transferred into the room. He was healthy looking, sweet, responsive and aware. He smiled for the camera and interacted with us. They even put Yuri into his crib and he was kind and gentle. That was a year ago.

Found HERE.

And thankfully, someone heard about this beautiful boy and they were coming to rescue him!  He had a family.

Unfortunately the family arrived and found not the Valentin from a year ago, but the new Valentin who had been left in the room for over a year. 

later Valentin

Being left in the room had caused significant delays in Valentin.  And I want to emphasize CAUSED – it is criminal the conditions these children live in.  Valentin would have been a fairly normal boy if he had not been left there – drugged and unstimulated.  I cannot stress enough that these children who would otherwise be fairly normal are made this way by institutional care.

A family went to visit Valentin and reported his condition. Friends.... the child they met is a completely different child than I met a year ago. He is head banging. Having screaming outburst for no reasons and has delayed terribly. The child I met was delayed from lack of stimulation but seemed cognitively fine. Now.... ?

What heartbreak for Valentin… oh Lord, some things are hard to bear.

The family panicked at the new Valentin – they could not care for a child with such special needs with the children with special needs that they already had at home.

All hope for Valentin seemed lost, but for our God.  A new family has come forward who will go and rescue little Valentin.  A family who will give him the love and time that he needs to heal and become the little boy that he used to be – the little boy that he SHOULD be. Trust me, God can work miracles in his life.

His new family is HERE!  And they need YOUR help. 

Jamie Ashton kids

They have already adopted two special needs children in the past several years and they have exhausted every single fundraising opportunity at their disposal.  They are trusting the body of Christ to step forward and help them rescue the least of these! Come on church – let’s get moving!!!

Can you please take a moment to help them out?  Can you donate $5 or even $10 to them?  Seriously, every dollar – every penny counts and will be huge help to them.

You can donate to sweet Valentin’s new family HERE, and you can read all about his adoption HERE.

Thank you precious and blessed friends!  I simply cannot wait to see his after picture.

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  1. My heart just aches for this sweet boy!!! Sending money now.


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