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Friday, January 13, 2012


I need some serious advice.  Isla has been having major naptime issues.

At night – she goes out without a single fuss and sleeps through the night for 11 to 12 hours.  So I KNOW nothing is wrong with her physically.

However at naptime – oh my goodness.

IF she falls asleep at all, she falls asleep for 20 or 30 minutes and then awakes with piercing shrieks!

Then she screams off and on, off and on, off and on for HOURS.

She will not fall asleep if I rock her or lay next to her crib and let me hold her hand.

I have tried CIO with checking on her at varying intervals, because sometimes she has gone #2 and needs me to change her.

However, she has gone for as long as an hour without me checking on her and she can still keep it up!

I tried moving the start of her naptime around to no avail.

Finally she falls asleep around 3 o’clock, and she is OUT, and I usually wake her up around 4:30 pm because I don’t want it to run into her nighttime.

It makes my heart break.  She is such a stubborn child and she has always needed extra work, time and help to fall asleep, but this is the worst.

I am simply at my wit’s end and I don’t want her to be upset.  I know she still needs the nap, and I do not think that she in anyway knows what is good for her, so letting her not take a nap is not an option.

I could really use some mommy advice.


  1. Do you think she is ready for a big-girl bed? I know I moved avery really early (out of necessity) but she has always slept so good in a big bed.
    Avery also used to take her nap right after lunch. Lately, though She doesnt get tired till 3ish. I just let her sleep till she's ready (unless she goes about 3-4 hrs, but that rarely happens, then I just open her bedroom door to let her wake up on her own from us moving around). She tends to stay up later at night now, too, but overall she is getting the same amount of sleep, just at different times.
    I know it's frustrating when they dont nap but they will sleep if they are tired. Now that Avery is older I am much more laid back about her schedule

  2. I don't know! How long are you wanted her to nap? Nathan sleeps about 10-11 hours every night. During the day he only takes an hour nap, sometimes 1 h and 20-30 min but no more than that. Maybe you could try doing two shorter naps a day vs one long one. Or keep doing what your doing, it's probably just a battle of wills. If it is YOU need to win!!!!


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