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Friday, January 6, 2012

Resolutions 2012

As I mentioned before – I love having and meeting goals, and I love that we have a holiday that is all around goal setting!  Did you know that having a goal makes you a million more times likely to achieve a goal???  Ok, I made that statistic up, but I did read somewhere that actually writing down your goals makes you more likely to accomplish them.  Looking back on my goals in 2011 and 2010, I realize that I achieved every one of those goals, ok, 2011’s goal was pretty lame, but it is still cool to realize that I did well.

This year I have enlisted Nick’s aid in meeting my goals.  We plan to have several talks about them over the next several weeks to discuss concrete steps on how we can achieve them.  I also love action plans!

So here are my goals

  1. To continue to give more, I don’t like to give percentages, but I have a fixed percentage over the last two years in my mind and I plan to achieve it.
  2. To be content with what I have.  I sometimes think that I am content, but then I think about all of the things that I want, and I am sure that I will NEVER, EVER have (sarcasm) and I get all anxious.  If I continue to seek first the kingdom and His righteousness, what I want will be added to me in His time.  Or not.  Either way I will be content.  I am crazy blessed right now.
  3. Ok, now to stop sounding so high and mighty and move onto more worldly things.  I want to start living a healthier lifestyle in general.  We have had a lot of sickness around us in friends and family, and it has reminded us to not take the blessing of our good health for granted.  I don’t want to be obsessive, but I would like to preserve my health now and so we are going to work towards making better eating choices and making exercise a priority.
  4. I want to start school time with Isla and be creative about keeping her entertained.  I had some concerns about us going stir crazy in our apartment in Jan/Feb/March when the Bora winds get bad, its cold and hard to get out, so I looked into a school/daycare program so that she could spend time playing with other kids.  But when it came down to it, I couldn’t do it – I wasn’t ready even though I am sure that there would have been some positives for Isla.  So she is stuck at home with just me!  But I am going to come up with a new Winter routine, figure out fun things to do, and look around the city for some good indoor play areas.
  5. I want to become a “student of my spouse” in the words of our good friends and bible study leaders from Madisonville.  Nick said something to me the other day about something that had been such a sore source of stress for him, and it cut me to my heart because I hadn’t even noticed.  Bless his heart – I need to work on meeting his needs sometimes without him asking or letting me know. I can’t guess all of his needs, but I can get my head out of my booty occasionally and try to figure out what’s going on with him.
  6. And finally number 6 – I have a technology addiction that causes me to ignore Nick and Isla at times when I am on the computer, iPhone, iPad, blogging, online shopping, researching random nonsense, emailing friends… the list goes on.  I have got to stop and get a handle on this because it will only get worse the more ubiquitous technology becomes.  It will be hard because I do not want to lose touch with friends, I do not want to stop blogging, and I do not want to stop connecting with RR friends, but I will figure something out on how to manage them all.  I will also pray about it (duh Stori).
  7. One more, I want to blog more on Little Tummy Yummies – I am thinking once a week minimum.  I also used a Williams-Sonoma gift card to buy one of the pasta making kits for my Kitchen Aid mixer, so I want to master the art of making my own pasta.  I am really excited about it!

So those are my big goals for the year.

2012 travel forecast

  • The Netherlands in Feb (me and Isla)
  • Nigeria in Feb (Nick) – not exactly a vacation, but its travel
  • R&R some place warm in late March/early April
  • Texas in July
  • Possibly meet my parents again in Instanbul sometime in this timeframe
  • R&R some place in September
  • Texas in Nov/Dec

Not a very good forecast – if anyone has any suggestions for R&R trips, I am all ears, so far I have come up with ideas to go to Madagascar (crazy expensive), Bali or the Maldives (too far), Jordan (still researching), but I just can’t think of anything.  We would like a warm climate, and the few non-warm climate places (Paris) I have suggested Nick isn’t crazy about. And in case you are wondering, yes it is pretty surreal to look at my husband and say “Why don’t we take a trip to Paris this Spring?” in the same way I used to say “Maybe we should go to the mall this Saturday?”  I cannot believe that this is my life sometimes.

Lord, I thank you for this life you’ve given me.  I hope that this is the year where you truly become greater, and I truly become less. You alone are good and worthy of my praise, you are the Hope of Nations and I pray that you would be glorified.  Thank you for the blessings in my life.

I have this weird feeling that 2012 is going to be amazing! I am so excited to see what God has in store.


  1. I love this whole post. :)

    As far as travel options: how about Greece (especially the islands)? Or Italy?

  2. Justine - we went to Italy in September, and Greece is definitely on our radar for the fall or next Spring! We are trying to plan the trip for before Isla turns 2 in April (we are cheap and her tickets would be still free) and Greece would still be a little chilly then.

    Right now Jordan is looking like our top contender!


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