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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Everything’s better with a little sugar…

So, I know that I have been updating quite a bit the past few days about what is going on in my life even though there really isn’t anything going on!  I hadn’t planned on updating today because we did nothing at all other than take a little walk and stare at the snow…

002 (640x424)005 (640x407)

BUT, I had to share about Agnessa feeding Isla today.  At the very least, Cookie will get a kick out of it.

Agnessa gave Isla pomegranate for the first time, and although Isla was gobbling the seeds up without any extra encouragement…

010 (640x425)

Agnessa insisted on putting sugar on them!

009 (640x421)

And then I got to put my Yonanas to good use for the first time since we’ve been home and made blueberry-pomegranate “ice cream”, and although Isla was gobbling it up…

012 (640x423)

Agnessa insisted that we stop feeding it to Isla, because it was too cold.

013 (640x397)

I refrained from giving Isla anymore of her Yonanas because I adore Agnessa, however for dinner, this American Mama let Isla eat her f-f-freezing cold Yonanas to her heart’s content.

011 (640x406)

Yum yum!


  1. so cute! I got my dad a yonanas for Christmas, pomegranate sounds wonderful!


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