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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday Boy

Our internet is back up and running after being out for a week!  So I will be playing a little blog catch up.

Nick turned 29 yesterday!  Wild to think that we only have one more year before he turns 30.  Completely wild.  Thankfully I still have a year and seven months left….

Most years (I am ashamed to admit) I don’t really do a whole lot for Nick’s birthday… why you ask?  Because he honestly doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care if we do anything, and he would rather not have me get him a gift.  My love language is gift-giving, Nick’s love language is a little different.  Its one that is uniquely his, and that is, he likes me doing everything possible to NOT spend money.  “Oh Stori… thank you for not getting me anything.” And he’s serious.

But Nick has fallen in love with a certain little gadget called the iPad 2.  It is the greatest thing if you travel as much as we do.  I have one, but Nick and I travel apart often enough that he is without one most of the time, and come to think of it, when we travel together I don’t like sharing mine.  So when Nick expressed interest that he would like his own iPad, I leapt (leaped?) at the chance to get it for him.  Actually I told him we should wait until the iPad 3 comes out to get another one, but then I secretly bought him one when we were in the states.  I am so glad that he will have one before he goes to Nigeria in a couple of weeks.

I woke up Nick with breakfast in bed, French toast… Right after I took this picture, Nick said “Don’t take my picture…”  I think he should have let me take another one because, well, this picture speaks for itself. HA!

016 (1024x642) (2)

Then I went and I woke up Isla 30 minutes early so she could bring him his present!  I love the way Nick’s face lit up when she walked in carrying his present.  He didn’t mind me getting a picture of him this time.  He loved his new iPad!

019 (1024x680)

Then he had to go to work, where I then proceeded to call and harangue him about making sure that our internet got fixed (not the best birthday move on my part but it had been out for a WEEK at this point).  However, when he got home, I had his favorite food waiting for him, lasagna, and his favorite dessert – oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (they have replaced regular chocolate chip cookies in his heart)!

025 (1024x627)

All in all, I think he had a pretty good 29th!  I hope that this last year of his twenties is the most memorable and blessed one yet.

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  1. This is so my husband! I force him to tell me something he wants and usually I just ended putting money towards something he wants. When we were dating, he hated if I spent money on him unless it was his birthday, and now he hates that too! I'm glad y'all had a fun celebration.


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