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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Girl Isla

First a couple of random Isla updates.

Whenever I give yogurt, she has started smearing it on herself like lotion.  Gross.

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But even with that… Cutest. Baby. Ever.  Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie.

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Also, Agnessa taught Isla how to use pockets so Isla has been pretty obsessed with putting her hands in her pockets, no matter what.  Even when she wants to hold something else.  Even when she can barely walk, her hands are always in her pockets.

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And finally!  Isla has switched to a BIG GIRL BED!  Really, its just her crib with the side off, but it counts.

This past week she has been trying to climb out and she had been getting dangerously close.  I had been hoping to put it off until the weekend so that we could do it during the day, and transition her during nap time.  Unfortunately on Nick’s birthday she climbed out and climbed back in, and in spite of several booty spanks (she gets spankings for doing anything that might be life threatening), she decided that they were worth it because she was loving climbing out and in.  And since I do not relish spanking her and I didn’t want her breaking her neck, the second Nick walked in the door, I told him we needed to change out her crib.

So the whole thing was done very hurriedly after dinner, but Isla was very excited about her big girl bed!  She  kept saying that she had a “big girl pillow”, “big girl blanket”, etc.  We also somehow couldn’t find the guardrail clamps so we had to put her toybox up to the bed in the mean time.

I wanted to take a picture of the bed all pretty, but someone was so excited about it that she wouldn’t let me officially make it up!040

Isla Big Girl Bed

Isla cried a little bit when we tried to leave her, so we stayed with her until she seemed comfortable.  Then I told her I was going to check on Daddy, and that I would be back.  I left for 10 minutes and by the time I came back, she was out like a light!

Big changes for our Little Wann!


  1. Yay Isla in your big girl bed!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kendall and I are laughing at Isla and the next thing I know Kendall is on the iPhone calling you! What funny granddaughters I have! Love the yogurt pictures and her big girl bed pictures. Also saw where Kai's fund has really grown. yEA!!


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